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How to Teach your Kids about Evolution ( Momimhar posted on January 17th, 2013 )

Evolutionary theory is a highly controversial topic, especially in very religious countries, such as America, where it’s generally thought that evolution jeopardises belief in God, and so it shouldn’t be taught in schools. As much as 73% of Americans identify themselves as Christians and only 20% are irreligious. Some creationist Christians believe that Earth was created around 10,000 years ago – a faith which is obviously at odds with evolution…and fossils.

As the parent of your child, it’s up to you to educate your child about scientific theory and evolution. For many people this is a daunting prospect, but don’t worry, you don’t need a degree in biology to explain the rudiments of evolution. Here are a few tips for educating your child:


Visual explanations often work better than verbal. Draw up a basic timeline starting with The Big Bang and finishing with the present day. Explain how we all developed from single cell organisms, so tiny that they’re invisible to the naked eye. Why does a giraffe have a long neck? – a question you can answer in your timeline.

Charles Darwin

King of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, is a great go-to guy for evolutionary theory. Write a story of Darwin’s travels (this’ll take some research) and his findings will naturally complement your explanation of evolutionary theory.

For a liberal approach to Darwinian philosophy, you can tell your child that evolution still means that God could exist (although maybe not in the same way that institutional religion portrays); in fact, Darwin himself was a believer and didn’t publish ‘On The Origin of the Species’ for decades because he was worried he’d shake Christian faith across the world. Whether you’re theist or atheist, there is room for evolutionary theory in your life.

Go To For A Fun Day Out

A trip to the zoo can highlight the similarities between animals and human beings for your child; especially primates. Hopefully this’ll also instil a more compassionate nature in your kid for animals and their environment, as we are just creatures too.

Alternatively, visiting a natural history museum will be equally, if not more, informative. Here, you can show your child examples of fossils and some exhibits even display the evolutionary process, step-by-step with skeletal remains.

Evolutionary Family Tree

You may have had fun in the past going through the family tree. Download one online and print it off to show your child how we’ve developed as a species over billions of years.

Pop To The Library

Wide reading is a great way to achieve understanding, and there are more books than you might think out there catered towards children on the topic of evolution. Pop to your nearest library and talk to a librarian about the options available. If your child is particularly interested in dinosaurs, this might be a great starting point – try to keep evolutionary theory interesting and fun, where possible.


Once your child has a basic knowledge of evolutionary theory, you can test them on the information they’ve acquired with a quiz. Use chocolate bars or other treats for rewards when they get questions right.

Article written by Tony – a blogger based in the UK writing on behalf of Knowsley Safari Park.


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The Family’s Trip To Albay ( Momimhar posted on January 17th, 2013 )

I mentioned earlier that the second sponsored child is located in Albay, Philippines.  Albay is the province where the famous majestic Mayon Volcano lies.  It was a first-time visit to the Bicol region for all of us.

The flight we took to Albay was early in the morning because the visit was only for a day.  The organization’s employee picked us up at the Legaspi Airport then took us to their office.  There we saw and met the sponsored child and her mother, and the employees.  Although my daughter was feeling very sleepy that morning, she was very friendly.  After few minutes of talks and picture taking, we went ahead to the nearest mall for lunch.  He said the weather has been unpleasant for days.  So rain showers were expected during the visit.  The child was accompanied by two social workers and her parent/guardian.  The highlight of the itinerary for the visit include:

Lunch at the sponsored child’s favorite restaurant.  Colonial Grill.

Recreation.  Sightseeing.  Cagsawa Church ruins.  Souvenir shops.

Shopping for clothing and personal needs.

Grocery shopping.

During shopping, we asked the employees if it’s alright to take our daughter and my sister to the hotel because the little one’s really tired and it’s nap time for her too.  So when the two were at the hotel, we let the sponsored child finish her shopping.  After the almost four hours, it was time to part.  The girl still couldn’t believe that my husband and family came to visit her from thousands of miles away.  My husband told her that she is very important.  That is why he came to see hear too.

The sponsorship for the girls will end soon because they’re turning 18.  But they will have a special place in our hearts.  The memories of these visits will always be treasured.


On the Cebu Pacific flight to Legaspi. Baby girl looked very sleepy.


Riding without a seatbelt for the first time.


Tita (aunt) is babysitting.


The family was enjoying the infinity pool and the beauty in the background.


Just playing and reading the magazines and stuff on the plane on our flight back to Manila.

Fun At World Of Fun ( Momimhar posted on January 17th, 2013 )

Besides celebrating the Holidays with my family in the Philippines, the other important purpose of our vacation in December of last year was to visit my husband’s sponsored children.  One of them is located in Manila area.  The other one is in Albay.

On the third day of our arrival, we meet up the sponsored child in a mall in Manila.  She was accompanied by her parent/guardian and the organization’s employee.  The itinerary of the visit include:

Lunch at the sponsored child’s favorite restaurant.  Pizza Hut.

Recreation.  World Of Fun.

Shopping for clothing and personal things.

Grocery shopping.

My husband started sponsoring them when they were 7 years olds.  It’s really a great opportunity (and we’re very thankful for it) that we were able visit the girls.  My sister was happy that she met them too.  She was our temporary babysitter for our little princess, and she enjoyed being with the little one.

While having lunch, the sponsored child gave my husband a scrap book.  Inside was her family pictures and photos of herself.  There’s also a letter for my husband stating her gratitude for his being generous and helpful.  That was very touching.  The memories of our visit with her will always be treasured.


A day of fun at World Of Fun in Robinson’s Place Manila.


“Let me try tita.”


The sponsored child was the one playing and winning with the machine. But my daughter pulled all the tickets.


Baby girl was feeling hot and tired. So I let her tita (aunt) take her back to the hotel for a nap.


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