Baby’s Upcoming Adventure ( Momimhar posted on December 15th, 2012 )

We applied for baby’s passport in April 2012.  It arrived three weeks after the application.  We were very happy for our baby girl because she has her own passport.  Now she can travel international.

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And the big travel adventure for our little princess has begun.  She is now a traveler with us to the Philippines for a month-long vacation.  We will be celebrating the Holidays with my side of the family.  First time in four years living in the US, I am gonna be home for Christmas.   And we are traveling with a toddler.

I read an article about recommendations on what to bring when traveling with a toddler to keep him or her entertained on the plane or anywhere else.

  • Take along the favorite lovey (my darling daughter has a bunny.)
  • Take a couple of the favorite story books.
  • Take some crayons and a coloring book.
  • Get some stickers.

My husband bought a book of stickers for $4 from a book store.  It has 700 stickers.  Cool!  Our daughter had a good time playing with the stickers.  We just had to watch her not to stick them on chairs, floors, or walls.

It was a very hectic travel preparation because there were two important occasions before the departure.  We had to run through all the checklists.  And before sealing the big boxes for homecoming gifts, I double checked them over again for additional items to squeeze in.  Ah…vacation.

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