Our Pride And Joy ( Momimhar posted on October 7th, 2012 )

Baby is 22 months now.  She is turning two years old soon.  I couldn’t believe how fast my daughter is growing.  The milestones of her growth give me and my husband all the joy in the world.

I still remember how busy we were two years ago.  My husband and I were into a big move back to our house.  Everything turned out very well as far as housing and healthcare is concerned.  I thought no doctor will accept me as new patient at that time because I was in the 7th month of my pregnancy and had complications.  We were very thankful that Comprehensive OB-GYN in McKinney accepted me. Though I had a high risk pregnancy, I delivered my baby successfully.  It was the most special moment in our lives.  Welcoming our new baby was wonderful.  Life changing indeed.

Now my little princess is turning 2.  As a full-time mom I experienced every development every day.  I can see sweetness in her personality and yet she is strong-willed too.  I love her so much!  She can talk well now that she can express what she wants and what she doesn’t, and how she feels.  My husband and I are very proud of our little sweetheart.

We are planning to have small family gathering on her birthday party.  Since we are going on a vacation in two months, we will have a very busy schedule.

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