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Family Bonding At The Lake ( Momimhar posted on September 29th, 2012 )

Summer is officially over but it’s surely still warm here in Texas.  My husband took us to the park at the lake nearby.  We did not go swimming.  We just hung out and walked along the beach.  Our little angel enjoyed playing with the sand.  She just picked a spot on the beach and did not want to go anywhere.

Family bonding moment-Mommy and daughter

I love it when we go out for family bonding on weekends.  It keeps us closer to each other and I feel that we are a family in the sense that we allow ourselves to be together.  In fact, family bonding is very important especially for the kids.

Daddy and baby looking for treasure 🙂

The best feeling in the world is when you know that your kids feels safe and secured when you are around.  Children sure grow so fast.  So spending quality time with them is highly recommended.

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Continuous Learning In Mortgage Industry ( Momimhar posted on September 29th, 2012 )

To me, education is very important.  Gaining knowledge is part of life.  We live in this world not only to survive but also to learn things that are helpful and useful in life.  I am one of those who loves learning.  Given the chance and good opportunity, I will continue my education anytime.

Are you one of the many people out there who are looking for a great new career but are having trouble finding one that fits you? Well having a great career is very important in this day in age, especially because of the status of the economy. Well I just found a great website, that will help you achieve a great career in a wide variety of exciting fields including mortgage broker, tax preparer, insurance training, and more. One of the great things about these careers is that there is always a demand for them, especially mortgage broker because people are always buying homes. In order to receive this training you can actually attend classes online or through a live classroom which is incredibly convenient for you because you can do it in between your busy schedule. As far as Mortgage broker training is concerned, you can actually get certified in more than one state which is quite convenient. You can rest assured that the training you receive is high quality because they are actually been in existence since 2000 and they are quite experienced when it comes to these training courses.

My mother-in-law was a mortgage loan officer and she was very happy that her time in taking continued education in mortgage course was not wasted.  It is very because she shares something interesting about how real estate works and how being in a mortgage industry takes hard work but the reward is also undeniably good. Of course, besides being knowledgeable on the particular job, looking sharp in business attire is always what I admire working in the corporate world. 🙂

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Great Adventure Coming In December ( Momimhar posted on September 25th, 2012 )

After lots of talks and brainstorming, my dear husband and I finalized our travel plans this year.  In December, we are going for a long vacation to the Philippines.  This is going to be our first time to spend the Holidays with my family.  And they will be meeting our darling daughter for the very first time in person.  In addition, we are going to meet my husband’s two sponsored children – one in Manila and one in Bicol.

My husband has been sponsoring these two children through Children International ( for over ten years now.  He hasn’t met them in person until we went on a vacation back home in 2009.  Actually, we only met the child who lives in Manila.  We thought that on our next vacation, we will visit and meet the child in Bicol.  So part of our itinerary this December is to visit the sponsored child who is in Bicol.

The big difference in our upcoming travel this time is that we have DD.  We are traveling with a toddler.  Will it be easy or not?  Some of my friends how flew international with very young kids said it is tiring to travel with kids.  Others said it’s not that bad.  I just hope everything will be fine.  We are excited about this vacation.  🙂

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