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How Growing Your Own Food Can Save Money ( Momimhar posted on September 18th, 2012 )

Over the last few years, growing your own food has become a popular money saving hobby, and also a way to eat healthier. In fact, Michelle Obama even created a White House Vegetable Garden to showcase how easy it is to grow your own food that you can eat at your dinner table. Here is how growing your own food can save money.

The biggest reason that growing your own food saves money is that you can get a ton of food for the price of seeds – which is typically pennies. For example, you can get a packet of lettuce seed for $1. That packet will give you 8 to 10 heads of lettuce, which would normally retail for $8 to $10. That is a 10x return on your investment!

Even better is planting a fruit tree or a plant that yields each year – like
strawberries. You just plant these crops once, and you will get fruit and vegetables every year for life!

There Are Startup Costs

However, it is important to remember that starting a vegetable garden has startup costs. If you don’t have a place already setup, you’re going to have to build a planter, get soil, setup water, and more. There are cheap and easy ways to build planters, but you can easily have several hundred dollars in expenses getting started.

Furthermore, growing your own food is a labor of love – it does take time, and the time you investment may cost you more than what you could have spent just buying food at the store. Keep that in mind when you get started.

Other Ways to Save

If those cost sound daunting, there are many other ways to save on groceries. For example, you could cut coupons or use Net Voucher Codes to get discounts on your food purchases at the store. This may be a more feasible option because there is no time commitment involved.

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