Oh No, We Are Catching The Colds! ( Momimhar posted on September 15th, 2012 )

Obviously a virus is roaming around the house right now.  Our little girl is presently not feeling well because of the colds.  And now my husband and I are getting it too.  I am having a head and nasal congestion.  My husband is sneezing and sniffing.  There’s a bit of coughing too.  Sickness is not welcome!  But here it is.  Changing of season is one of the reason also.

We have cough and colds medicine ready on the kitchen counter.  Vicks vapor rub, fever reducer, and an allergy medicine for our daughter is within reach. Lots of juice, fruits, and ready-to-eat food are in the fridge.

It is bad when I get sick because migraine attacks.  Nothing can be done in the house and I feel nauseous all the time.  That is why I keep a pain reliever medicine available in case of a headache.  Geez…this is undesirable.  I hope we’ll get rid of this colds very soon.  Seeing my family feeling miserable because of this colds breaks my heart.

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