Summer Swimming Lesson In YMCA ( Momimhar posted on August 1st, 2012 )

My husband has been asking me a few times if baby and I have been to YMCA.  We have been talking about enrolling our little princess to a swimming lesson for toddlers.  I got the chance to register her last week.  Gladly there was still available slot.  There is a YMCA located in Rockwall about 11 miles away from our house.  I registered my little girl on the Saturday swimming session because it is half amount cheaper than weekdays.  And my husband and I can get into the pool with our daughter too.  Summer is the season when we can let our kids get into swimming lessons.

I was kinda late in putting my child into a swimming lesson in YMCA.  My husband told me to let her start at the age of 1.  Some kids don’t enjoy being in the water but most of them do.  And I saw a few toddlers kick and swim without being scared.  My daughter needs a lot of encouragement especially when she gets water on her face.  She does not know how to deal with it.  Hopefully before the swimming class ends, she will learn or, at least, remember simple basics.  Maybe we can get her to another swimming class before summer ends.

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