Family-friendly Home Décor ( Momimhar posted on July 20th, 2012 )

You know how it is with kids – their stuff is everywhere. Managing clothing, toys, sporting goods, hobby and craft stuff can take a lot of time and effort. One great solution is to invest in pop-up hampers – they are there when you need them and fold flat for easy storage when you don’t. Use them to store spare bedding, sleeping mats and bags and extra pillows along with seasonal clothing and the like. Hampers in general can be very useful to store a wide variety of household items.

Use laundry room hampers as a way to teach kids how to pick up after themselves at an early age. Basic plastic clothes hampers in bright colors are perfect for storing toys; if you have more than one child let them choose a favorite color and then designate that color of hamper to store their stuff.  Hampers or clothes baskets can be used in the playroom or den and picking up toys can be incorporated into the play process.

Hampers are great in bedrooms too – use them to store stuffed animals, sporting goods and spare clothing. When children are small they can taught to put dirty clothing into a hamper or laundry basket long before they are able to reach and open and close bureau drawers.

If storage space is an issue you may wish to look into bed risers – these handy devices elevate the bed four or five inches to create extra storage space for little used items. Most college dorms have bed risers on the “must-have” checklist because space is at a premium; you will find these handy long before your kids are college-age. Another great idea is a clothes tree – these are helpful when you don’t have enough closet space or don’t want to put holes in the walls for hooks or racks.

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  1. Rose says:

    These are great around the house especially if we have kids. And they say it’s best to train to pick up things after themselves when they are so young para maka develop pod cla how to be neat. Kay daghan baya kids nowadays na way paki rapod ba. Just dropping by here Mhar.

  2. Rose says:

    to train children*

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