We Have Company ( Momimhar posted on June 6th, 2012 )

We have company tonight.  Grandma, Aunt, and girl cousin arrived this evening for this weekend’s special event.  We were very busy organizing and cleaning because my our guests will be with us for four days.

While changing sheets this afternoon, baby was enjoying the comfort of the comforter.  She just came from a nap that is why these loveys were with her.  Whenever I try to pull up the comforter, she quickly goes and snuggles.   What a stinker!  Hahaha!  The bathrooms have a stack of fresh towels and body essentials.

I will be taking baby tomorrow to the Bride’s Luncheon in Richardson.  Then after that, we will head to the doctor for her 18th month wellness checkup.  Oh, she’s 18 months already.  My little darling is already a toddler.  She is getting more and more active and sociable.  She can speak phrases now.  The first sentence my husband and I heard from her was “Hee-ee-comes.” (Here he comes.”)  My daughter can now speak words that are clear to me to understand.  And she loves the outdoors.

I already prepared our party clothes to wear for tomorrow’s get-together.  Because baby will be traveling with us for almost the whole day, baby foods and snacks are ready for grabs.

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