Helpful Baby ( Momimhar posted on May 1st, 2012 )

When my husband finished working in the yard to make plots for the vegetable garden, my daughter wants to go and play in the dirt.  She likes the outdoors and helping too.

This is the age (toddler 1-5 yrs.) when kids focus on feeding their curiosity.  They enjoy, explore, and even at the age of 12 months they start to ask tons of questions.  Though not really full-pronounced words but we as parents get what they mean.  My baby girl saw how we water the plants, so she knows where the water hose is located.  She goes straight to it and tries to turn the faucet.  She’s our little gardener.

Toddler kids can also help in the house too.  They understand the use of the broom and dust pan.  So whenever I sweep the floor, she wants to help.  She grabs the dust pan, walks to where the trash bin is and empties the dust pan in the trash.  So cute.  I was thinking of buying her kids toys like broom and dustpan so she has her own house cleaning objects.  When it comes to communication, my baby girl tries to say sentences but still in jabbers.  But she speaks one word at a time.  I make sure she is learning new words everyday.

My husband is so proud of our daughter.  He wants her to be helpful when she grows up especially in household and yard work.

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  1. Petro Neagu says:

    Your little angel sounds…well…like an angel 🙂
    I bet the stories you’ve read together had a bit of contribution to her smartness. I do the same with my daughter, as often as I can. Sometimes she’s just to tired to listen to a story and goes straight to bed.
    Kids are such rays of light, aren’t they?


  2. Hi there stopping by. They are so cute. My son wants to help everything in the house too.

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