Nephew Is Ready For School ( Momimhar posted on February 22nd, 2012 )

At last the Balikbayan Box for my family is already full, sealed, and ready to ship.  It was supposed to be shipped for Christmas but I was hugely occupied with lots of things here at home.  My niece and nephews keep asking their Nanay ( their grandma ) when the package will arrive.

My youngest nephew, 4 years old, asked me for a school bag because he will be entering school this coming June.  When he knew that I bought him a trolley or rolling backpack, he got very excited that he keeps on asking about the package whenever he is over at my parent’s house.  He is practicing to write his name and beginning to get familiar with the ABC’s, colors, shapes and numbers.  My youngest sister along with my niece is helping my nephew learn the basics thru educational charts and flash cards.  He is showing interest in school now.  I think it’s great.

I just feel guilty that I was not able to send the Balikbayan Box sooner.  But it won’t be long they will receive their presents.

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