Helping Someone In Need In The Family ( Momimhar posted on January 13th, 2012 )

I miss my younger sister…well, all my siblings.  It is her birthday today.  My sister asked a favor to help her to have electricity installed to her home.  They do not have power for about three months now.  For no reason at all, her neighbor cut the connection though my sister pays the bill monthly and on time.  It is really difficult doing house chores without electricity.  Besides that, my niece and nephew have to deal with kerosene lamp or lighted candles when studying and doing their homework.  I am so upset because some people in  this world are very unreasonable.

My brother-in-law is working overseas-offshore.  And he and his co-workers go to shore every two or three months.  So my sister has to budget the money he’s sending her.  But there are times she gets short.  Like what is happening now.  I understand their situation.  I would not mind helping my sister.  I want her and the kids to live comfortable too.  As a birthday gift, I am sending money as additional fund to pay the charges on installing the electricity at my sister’s house.

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