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Toddlerhood: An Early Childhood Stage ( Momimhar posted on January 6th, 2012 )

My little princess is 13 months today.  She has been very healthy and active as she enters the stage of early childhood – toddler.  A toddler age is between one and four years old.  I did not completely understood what toddler means.

When I was in grade school, our Bible teacher us an activity kit includes a long play disc, white shirt, kiddie booklet, and a paper with a puppy on it.  Some activities in the booklet was for toddlers.  I did not pay too much attention with the word toddler. Now I know that it means.  Toddler is the stage of early childhood when an infant is beginning to walk, toddle around, and begins to throw tantrums.  Speech, thinking, and motor development are in a fast phase in this stage.

My daughter did her first few steps when she was 9 months old.  Then she completely learned to walk few couple of weeks after.  Now she runs, climbs, and raises her feet whenever I put on pants or socks on her.  Hubby and I are so proud of our little angel.

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