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Free Ovulation Calculator ( Momimhar posted on January 3rd, 2012 )

Remembering the past years’ happening in my life, I can say that I had wonderful memories.  The most challenging events were my pregnancy and delivery.

Hubby and I were ready to conceive and start a family.  I tried using a free ovulation calculator http://www.ovulation-calculator.org/.  This online tool helps us women calculate the date of ovulation and fertility period.  We just have to be familiar with our menstrual cycle so the ovulation calculator can provide an ovulation calendar.  After a few months of calculating and trying, I conceived.

At first, I was not thinking about it so I bought a pregnancy test kit at Walgreens.   Hubby said to wait for another week to see if my monthly visitor will come.  I anxiously waited.  It was in the week of our wedding anniversary that I found out that I was pregnant.  Hubby and I were very happy.  God gave us a gift of life on our wedding anniversary.

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