Adding A Personal Touch To The Christmas Tree Decor ( Momimhar posted on December 13th, 2011 )

The big Christmas tree is not up this year.  But we have a 32″ fiber optic Christmas tree.  The reason why we get a small tree is to prevent my little one to mess up the big one.  We just have to put the fiber optic Christmas tree on a high place so she cannot reach it.  I like it so far because it has pretty changing lights.

My cousin recommends photo ornaments on the tree.  Besides colorful balls and other decor, photo ornaments bring a personal touch to the Christmas tree especially if the selected photos are taken from special occasions.  Now I am in the process of looking through my digital photo album so I can select the pictures to become ornaments in my tree.

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  1. Mr. light says:

    Yes, the Christmas is coming! we could comsider to choose what docuration to beayty our Christmas tree.It is so smart and novelty for us to accept the idea of adding a personal touch to the Christmas tree.

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