Somebody Promised To Give Me A Doll ( Momimhar posted on December 1st, 2011 )

One of the nicest toys I dreamed of having when I was a little girl was a doll.  Yes, a doll.  I used to play paper dolls when I was a teenager too.  Somebody promised to give me a doll before.  But he did not fulfill his promise.  I was very disappointed.  So was my mother because she knew about it.  The person who promised me that is an old man now.  He is not able to work anymore.

Whenever I see dolls at the toy section of a store, the memory flashes back to me.  But I do not care about it now.  All I care is for my daughter’s.  I want her to have one.  Young girls should have a doll to play with.  To me, it is a symbol of femininity.   As a grown up, I still adore dolls.

There are girls who collect dolls: baby dolls, barbies, miniatures, and even big dolls. These are all time gift for girls on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.  And it would be nice to give an 18 inch doll too.  It is exciting to dress up a doll this tall.  And I am pretty sure my daughter will like this.

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