A Fun Day On Cousin’s Birthday ( Momimhar posted on November 14th, 2011 )

My cousin’s daughter just turned 1.   We were invited to the party that weekend and my little girl had fun playing with other kids.

Actually the birthday was two days before the party.  So she asked me to come over to her house to help decorate for the party.  The party supplies were ready when I got there.  While the two girls were busy playing in the living room (my daughter and hers), we took the opportunity.  As I cut number 1’s, she hangs the finished cut-outs at the windows.  Then we hung the birthday banners.  After a few this and that, I helped her bake the cake.

It was a fun day on A’s birthday.  The girls played hard.  They refused to nap so when we were about to leave, both looked very tired.  Not even five minutes from my cousin’s house, my daughter was already sleeping in the car.

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