All Soul’s Day Tradition ( Momimhar posted on November 1st, 2011 )

Celebrating the All Soul’s Day in the Philippines has been a tradition since the Spaniards occupied the country.  I remember when I was a young girl, my parents prepare special foods the day of November 1st.  We set aside a portion of each cooked food, placed them in bowls, and put them on the altar.  It was believed that souls will visit and ‘smell’ the food.  Then on that evening elders, joined by youngsters, offer prayers to God to save the souls of the dearly departed.

When I was growing up, celebrating All Soul’s Day in the province was solemn.  And on the next day, the people go to the cemeteries (where their deceased beloved were rested) to visit and pray for peaceful rest.  November 1st is a National Holiday.  But October 31 to November 2 was was named a Traditional Holiday in the Philippines.

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