Misleading Room Rates ( Momimhar posted on October 17th, 2011 )

It is my baby sisters 18th birthday celebration on Saturday.  It will be held in a resort hotel.  I rented a function room for the dinner party.  I was a little hesitant in choosing that resort hotel because of their accommodation rates.  Gladly they offered promotional coupons on their souvenir items so I was okay with that.  The party has a total of more than fifty guests invited, including the family and friends.

I had difficulty when I was checking the website for rates and other things because the resort hotel’s website was acting kinda weird.  The pages were too slow to load and sometimes not loading too.  I thought something was wrong with the website.  So I called their office and talked to the girl in-charge on events.  She said the website was created by a travel agency.  The rates are not updated and the web hosting has some problems.  That’s what I thought.  I told the staff to inform whoever set up that website to update everything.  The information like room rates are misleading to clients especially to those who access the website from abroad.

Anyway, we just need to do some rechecking on our preparation checklists and all is done.  I want everything to be ready two days before the party.

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