Baby Contest ( Momimhar posted on September 17th, 2011 )

We are in my parents-in-law’s house for a visit.  They missed the little girl and she missed them too.  Few days before our trip, my daughter kept on uttering “Nan-na”.  So we packed and drove to here yesterday afternoon.

We had a big dinner this evening.  My little girl went to bed early so I have time to surf the Internet.  My in-laws have a wireless Internet connection now, and so we can get online anywhere in house including the guest room.  As I was checking my yahoo inbox, I opened an email promoting a monthly photo contest.  I read the mechanics and the prizes.  I liked it.

So, I am joining a monthly photo contest.   The entry should be about mother and child.  I have to be creative with our pictures.  So today, I am asking my husband to become our photographer.  I will give you an update about the whole thing after I have decided what picture I should submit as  entry.  The photo contest runs until the end of this month.  So I still have time to think and photo shoot.

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