School Christmas Party Is Always Fun ( Momimhar posted on December 16th, 2009 )

We’re just finished talking over the phone and my sister said my niece is with her teacher and classmates on their class Christmas party today.

This time of the month, elementary students gather to celebrate the occasion with their classmates and teachers. They held it in their classrooms. The teachers organizes the party for their respective class levels. They prepare games for the party and host the exchanging of gifts as well. The children wear their best holiday outfit to the party. And if a Christmas party program is early set, performances from students such as chorus singing and dancing will be presented. Then exchanging of gifts follows. Surprise is in the face of everyone.

Tomorrow, my nephew will attend his class Christmas party. He said he will dress up to look more handsome 🙂

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  1. vicy says:

    It is very fun really. I missed those times when we had School Christmas Party.

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