Happy And Adorable ( Momimhar posted on April 24th, 2009 )

I am glad to know that my nephew R enjoys listening and singing along to the nursery rhymes in the CDs I sent him last year. Whenever his parents play the CD, he is dancing and tries his best to sing along.

My nephew is turning two in July. It is amazing how fast he learns simple things everyday. Whenever they visit the rest of the family in the country, the cousins enjoy mingling with one another, playing here and there. I adore my niece and nephews so much.

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4 responses

  1. Merryn says:

    my ethan’s turning 2 in july too! 😀

  2. RoseLLe says:

    That is very true…children at this age learns practically everything parents(or anyone)teaches them. They can memorize heaps and copy whatever they see and hear.
    And yes…they are so adorable 🙂

    I’ve got two girls…a nine and a four.

  3. D-anjhels says:

    That’s something nice, thanks for sharing

    a visit from D-anjhels

  4. madz says:

    My niece is so adorable too. She memorized and recognized every disney princess 🙂

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