The Striking Beauty of The Handwoven Beni Ourain Rug ( Momimhar posted on May 30th, 2019 )

Beauty takes a great many forms. One form is that of items that have been by hand by experts. This the case for the wonderful Berber rug. The Moroccan Berber rug begins as a handful of very fine wool in the mountains of Morocco. After that, using techniques that have been developed over centuries, the wool is turned into a Beni Ourain rug of unique and impressive quality. The wool that is used in the creation of such rugs is wool that yields results that have been sought after for many years and continues to be sought after today by so many. Of all the many qualities that such rugs have, it is perhaps their very beauty that is why they are such a wonderful addition to any modern home.

So Many Different Facets

Every single Berber rug has so much to admire. Each rug is made from fibers that begin wool grown in a totally natural environment. As such, a Moroccan Berber rug offers a great deal for every person to appreciate. The rugs are created by carefully taught experts who pass their skills down to each generation. Each group of weavers of a Beni Ourain rug is one who was taught by someone else who spent years mastering the craft and true art of making rugs. When they take the wool in front of them, they are able to see how to make this wool come to life. The results are rugs that are sought after by people who love high quality.

A Rug for the Ages

Once the Beni Ourain rug has been completed, it’s a rug for today and for all the years to come. It’s also a rug that adds impressive beauty to any room. Every single person who buys these rugs has the satisfaction of knowing they are bringing something home they can have around for many years. All such rugs are made with beautiful materials that are wonderfully durable at the same time. Each rug has been by experts to stand out in a room and show off the owner’s personal sense of discernment and love of craft.

The Right Rug Today

The Moroccan Berber rug is the right rug today for so many reasons. It is one rug that people can count on in order to create a room that everyone loves. Those who love rooms that show off who they are and demonstrate how much they love beauty find this a good choice for any room. The rugs work well with other kinds of beautiful objects such as classic sofas and works of art. Each one has lots of marvelous and yet understated color, helping it come to life in all the right ways. Each one is a work of art by itself. It’s also a work of art that shows off the lovely qualities of other works of art in all rooms. This is why the rug remains one that is truly popular for home decor all over the globe. Visit City Cows website for more information.

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A Happy Easter Tradition ( Momimhar posted on May 2nd, 2019 )

We had a great Easter weekend. Darling daughter and I attended the Easter Egg Hunt in town. What’s more exciting is that my cousin, and a friend came with their kids.

There was face painting, bounce house, photo with the Bunny, arts and crafts, and FREE breakfast. Yes, you heard it right. Free breakfast tacos and drinks. Thanks to the generous people who make this special event possible every year. We are also grateful to those who donated some Easter eggs filled with special goodies.

It was a very fun and filling day because, after the Egg Hunt at the city hall that morning, the church across the road also hosted the same with FREE lunch–hamburger and hotdogs and drinks. The kids had a blast! Hopefully, more children will come next year.

Easter Sunday morning we went to the worship service. Then we had lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We went grocery shopping after and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. We didn’t have school Monday because it was a Bad Weather Make Up Day. Texas didn’t get a winter storm last year so it was our day off Monday. Woohoo!

How about you? How was your Easter weekend?

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Car Lift Makes Auto Repair Quick and Easy ( Momimhar posted on April 28th, 2019 )

We have been having car problems in the past and they were troublesome in our daily travels. My husband’s old vehicle had a brake problem and he had to take it to the auto repair shop right away. I was expecting at that time and we couldn’t afford to miss doctor’s visits.

Having an auto repair shop nearby was very convenient for us and everyone in the community. It was fully-equipped with mechanical equipment needed for fast and reliable repairs. Plus, the people working in the shop were friendly and trustworthy. The service fees were very reasonable.

As per the auto equipment, there is nothing more amazing than car lifts. The auto work is done way faster and easier because of these innovative equipment. Just imagine how heavy a car is and, in a few minutes, your car is lifted just like that! Very cool!

Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay

Car lifts are not only needed in auto repair shops. They can also be bought for your own vehicle’s use. Let us say you own multiple vehicles or an RV. You may want to buy a medium-height car lift for your convenience. Maintaining a vehicle is tedious job and an auto lift equipment is such a big help. You can check out dealers like Best Buy Auto Equipment selections according to your needs.

It is very important we keep track with our vehicles repair and maintenance schedules. Let us not disregard what our car is telling us. Sometimes we ignore the signs.

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Spring Break Is Near ( Momimhar posted on March 3rd, 2019 )

Happy Sunday!

I know you are one of the parents who are excited and couldn’t wait for the Spring Break to come. Yes it is getting hear. Actually, in our district, Spring Break is next week starts on March 11th. Hopefully the weather next week is ideal for outdoor activities so we can enjoy going to the parks or any attractions in and around Dallas-Fort Worth.

My darling daughter wants to go to the zoo and the botanical gardens next week. Like I said, I hope the weather would be fine next week because I am pretty sure the zoo will be crowded as usual. Like last year’s Spring Break, we are just going to do stay-cation this year. We went to the zoo and botanical gardens and looks like we are going do that again.

Do you have any travel plans on Spring Break this year? Where are you going? Thanks for sharing.

We Have The Flu ( Momimhar posted on February 28th, 2019 )

Thermometer, medicine, mask.

Oh dear! Darling daughter has the flu. I took her to her pediatrician yesterday afternoon because she’s running fever for two days and was feeling weak. Her appetite was poor and all she wanted to do is sleep. She said she’s tired.

Good thing her doctor was able to see DD on Tuesday. I was very worried. No sleep the night before because I was monitoring her temperature.

Around 3 o’clock Monday morning I woke up needing to go and I felt DD’s hand on my arm feeling hot. I immediately checked her temperature that moment. The reading was 100.1 F. I kept her home, of course. She was throwing up that morning I was so worried. Good thing there’s no diarrhea. DD was complaining of a headache so I gave her pain reliever/fever reducer medicine that day. I was monitoring her fever overnight as well.

The fever didn’t subside so I called the pediatrician’s office for an appointment. We were able to see the doctor in the afternoon, thank goodness. Strep and flu tests were conducted–the strep test came back negative but the flu came back positive. Immediately her doctor prescribed medicine to take for five days. DD is coughing but her lungs sounds perfect. She recommends lots of rest for the rest of the week.

As of today, my darling daughter is feeling a little okay. No fever overnight after taking the medication. Also, I am very glad that her appetite is back.

It is very hard when our children gets sick. We worry so much. But we should not panic. Call and see your health provider.

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