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Baby Has Graduated ( Momimhar posted on January 30th, 2012 )

Today, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday lunch.  My parents-in-law are here and they gave us a treat for my birthday.  Another blessed year for me.  I am getting old :).

My little princess is 13 months now.  She is getting taller and heavier too.  My husband and I decided to let her sit facing forward now because she is feeling uncomfortable in her rear-facing car seat.  According to Texas Law, it is required that babies stay rear-facing until 12 months age with the height or weight limit of the car seat.  This is for the child’s safety in the vehicle,

We looked for a good quality forward-facing car seat for babies.  Besides affordability, we also wanted the baby gear to be durable and well-cushioned for traveling.  We found and compared a couple car  seats but we agreed to pick the one from Graco.  It is well-cushioned and can be converted into a booster seat too.  My baby has graduated now.

facing-forward car seat

Anyway, we all enjoyed lunch and had a great time visiting.

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Thought It Was A Lake Fog ( Momimhar posted on December 24th, 2011 )

Our family was heading to my in-laws’ place this morning and it was very foggy and cold.  I thought it was gonna snow but there were no chances.  We could barely see the road.   In a weather condition like this, caution should always be observed on the road more importantly when traveling with baby.  My husband thought it was just a lake fog.  But no.  It was still like that when we arrived Tyler.

Pardon the spots in the pictures.  My mirrors need some cleaning :).

cool foggy morning

lights on to see the road


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Baby’s First Thanksgiving ( Momimhar posted on November 28th, 2011 )

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day celebration as usual.  It was special because it’s my baby’s first Thanksgiving.  She had a great time playing with her cousins and she enjoyed the attention the family is giving her.  Now that my baby girl is walking (she started walking at nine months), she’s all over the place.

Having a great time on Thanksgiving Day

My husband woke me up very early Thursday morning to finish getting ready.  When everything was ready and loaded in the car – our travel and diaper bags, Pack & Play pen, booster chair, infant bath tub, baby foods, and vanity bag – I gently took my baby from the crib, dress her up and put her in the car seat.  When we travel with baby, I make sure that her things are the priority.  I am glad she did not throw a fuss in the car.  Because usually babies will get fussy if they’re disturbed in their sleep.  It was a cool foggy morning when we hit the road to Whitehouse, Texas.  We left 15 minutes passed 8 A.M. so we can be there before noon.  Guess what, my baby did not go back to sleep the whole trip and refused to nap.  She got irritable that evening.

At the dinner table, we said our thanks for God’s blessings given to us.  I thank God for the safe, successful delivery and for giving us a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

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