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Summer Trip – Seaworld San Antonio ( Momimhar posted on July 3rd, 2015 )

Hello everyone!  Hello, month of July.  🙂  Me and family got very busy the last week.  We went to Seaworld San Antonio and Schlitterbahn New Braunfels.  It’s been five years since the last time my husband and I had a trip to San Antonio.  That was before baby.  This time, we have K with us.  We wanted her to see the Shamu Show and Clyde and Seymore, the sea lions.  With her fascination with sea creatures, our darling daughter had a wonderful time at Seaworld.  Her favorite attractions at Seaworld were the Shamu Show, Clyde and Seymore – Sea Lion High, and the Journey To Atlantis Ride.  We got soaking wet at the Shamu Show because we were sitting in the splash zone, really close to the tank.  That was really fun.

At the Shamu Show - Seaworld San Antonio

At the Shamu Show – Seaworld San Antonio

After the Shamu Show, we walked towards the Flamingo spot.  Here K met a new friend and they fed the flamingos and the ducks together.  My daughter is a social butterfly.

K met a new friend at the Flamingo area.

K met a new friend at the Flamingo area.

When she finished feeding the Flamingos, my hubby let me and K ride the Shamu rollercoaster for kids.  Boy, she wanted to ride that again and again.  But we got very hungry so we had a late lunch.  Full from lunch, we walked to the next attractin – Clyde and Seymore Sea Lion High.  It was a comedy show.  We had so much fun laughing and of course, got splashed again.

Sea Lion High Show - Seaworld San Antonio

Sea Lion High Show – Seaworld San Antonio

Journey To Atlantis Ride

Journey To Atlantis Ride

Last but not the least attraction we experienced was the Journey To Atlantis.  At first, K didn’t want to go try to ride.  She just wanted to get wet in the huge splash of water as the carriage went down.  That was so much fun, too.

Big splash

Big splash from Journey To Atlantis ride


DD Loves Being With The Grandparents ( Momimhar posted on June 5th, 2014 )

0605-feeding the birds

“Nana, I can’t reach the bird feeder.”

flowers purple pink

I saw these pretty purple flowers in my sister-in-law’s front porch.

We are here at my parents-in-law’s house for a visit.  My darling daughter wanted to see her grandparents because “I miss Nana and Pawpaw,” she said.  We asked them first if it’s okay to come over because we don’t know if they’re busy this week or something.  Well, MIL had something going on yesterday so we just agreed to come today.  We will spend the night.

It was a great drive, actually.  The interstate wasn’t very busy.  I was able to get the traveling time to two hours taking the toll road.  It saved me 30 minutes.  DD was very excited to see her grandparents.  She kept on asking if we were already at ‘Nana’s trail’.  What she meant about ‘Nana’s trail’ was the street (that we turn from the main road) that leads to the folks neighborhood.  She asks about it every now and then.  Gladly she took a nap on the way.  That helped me concentrate on my driving.  She woke up just in time for me to turn entering the neighborhood.  She couldn’t wait to be at Nana’s house.

As soon as we got to the house, she gave her grandparents a big hug and said “I love you.”

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Easter Weekend At The Grandparents’ House ( Momimhar posted on April 19th, 2014 )

We woke up early today to prepare and pack for our trip to the grandparents’ for the Easter weekend.  The little one has been asking me and her daddy when are we gonna go to Nana’s house.  So yesterday we told her that we’re going to see her grandparents and celebrate Easter at their house.  She was very excited, as usual.

"Let's go mommy."

“Let’s go mommy.”

We have so much stuff when traveling-three travel bags (mine, DD, and DH), one vanity bag, one handbag for books and special toys that includes DD’s lovey bunny, and one bag for snacks and drinks.  Traveling with kids especially with toddlers require a little more time of preparation.  That is why packing the day before the trip is highly recommended.  Aside from clothes and the necessities mentioned, moms like me have to make sure that everything is in the bags.  As for me, I have to take extra diapers and wipes because my DD is under 5 years old and I still let her wear a diaper when we are away from home.  Although she is potty trained now, I don’t want to risk it having accidents of pee or poo anywhere.

Our car is super packed today because we brought the cooler.  We bought some wine and a few drinks in this evening’s dinner.  Most of the family came over and joined the celebration.  We made a few stops to get some gas and lunch to go.  I drove all the way to the grandparents’ house.

We’ll Be Picking Up The Jones Family At The Airport Tomorrow ( Momimhar posted on February 24th, 2014 )

Time really passes by when you are having fun.  My cousin’s three-week long vacation back home (in the Philippines) is over and they’re heading back here in Texas tomorrow.  At 9:30 P.M. and 11:30 A.M. there, I am pretty sure they’re already on the flight back to Dallas, Texas.

It really feels great to go on a vacation to see family and friends.  Traveling with the whole family is somewhat exciting yet exhausting, too.  With two toddlers, there might be some issues on keeping the kids sit still.  We know how active and curious toddlers are.  But like my darling daughter, my cousin’s kids are behaved.

My little one couldn’t wait to see her cousins.  She already made a plan that when they get back, they will play at their house and she will tell her about the toys she wants to receive this Christmas.  And she said they will go to McDonald’s, to the play area in the mall, and play dress up.  How nice!

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Where Are We Going? Cave, Capitol, Concert (The Three C Adventure) ( Momimhar posted on November 21st, 2013 )

Since we’re already in our mini vacation Austin, we decided to do some exploring Wednesday afternoon.  We went to Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas.  My DH and I know that our little girl loves exploring and seeing new things so we agreed to go see the cavern.  We paid $9/adult entrance fee.  While waiting for the next 1hr and 15 minutes tour batch, we looked around the gift shops and hung out in the lobby.  Our little girl got fascinated with the colorful stones at the gift shop.  She was doing some touch and  feel and name the color game with every stone.  We saw group of school kids touring the cavern.  Oh yes, Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas is one of the great places for an educational tour.

Then our tour guide named Billy came and guided us down to the cave.  He did a good job showing and sharing facts about the Inner Space Cavern.  My dear husband mentioned that he and his parents visited the place when he was a young boy.  DD wasn’t scared.  She walked along with us and paid attention to every detail the guide was sharing with us.  Everything is new to her.  And she likes exploring.  We had a great time.  DD loved the underground scenery.  So amazing! My favorite part was the drill holes made by the road workers when they’re building the Interstate Highway 35 in 1960’s.  They were the ones who actually discovered the cave.

Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas

Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas

Then we head to the Austin Capitol.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  Not so hot and not so cold.  The weather was perfect.  We were able to go inside the capitol and looked around.  There was a school event like a forum or something in the House of Representatives and we decided to get in and sit down.  When there were students raising their hands to ask questions to the guest speaker, our little one also raised her hand.   I thought that was cute.

Austin Capitol

Austin Capitol

It was 4:00 P.M. when we got back to the hotel.  We relaxed for an hour before we going to the Fresh Beat Band concert in Downtown Austin.  Our tickets said the concert will start 6:30 P.M. but the gates will open 5:30 P.M.  So we got there on time.  I know our darling daughter was tired from the day’s tours but she was still excited about the watching the concert.  I bought her a flashing light.  But when she saw the little girl beside her wearing a rock star jacket, she asked if she can have a jacket too.  Well, we went and got one.  We had a great time at the concert.  It was a fun experience for Kaye.

Back to the hotel, we recapped our adventures that day.  We helped Kaye gather the events together:  Cave, Capitol, Concert.  The Three C adventure.

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