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Fun With Family And Friends Celebrating The 4th Of July ( Momimhar posted on July 22nd, 2015 )

The kids were chasing Uncle G with their Magic Balloons.

The kids were chasing Uncle G with their Magic Balloons.

K and friend lighting up sparklers.

K and friend lighting up sparklers.

Done with our fireworks. So we were relaxing and watching the neighbors' fireworks show. :)

Done with our fireworks. So we were relaxing and watching the neighbors’ fireworks show. 🙂

Happy Independence Day, America.  Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2015

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Age Appropriate Jobs – Let Your Toddlers Help By Doing Simple Household Chores ( Momimhar posted on June 22nd, 2015 )

While I was doing the laundry last night, my darling daughter K was helping me load the dirty clothes in the washer.  “Mommy, I want to help you,” she said.  So  I let her pour the laundry detergent into the washer and the fabric softener in the dispenser.  K wanted to put the wet clothes in the dryer so I let her put the small ones in there, too.  She wanted to do the controls so I guided her through the control buttons on the dryer.  She was very happy that she did all that.  She said, “I’m a grown up girl now, mommy.” K’s so proud of herself.

This is to share with y’all that toddlers can be a great help in your household.  With proper guidance and supervision, your toddlers can do the job you assigned to them without a hassle.  Though your work sometimes gets more complicated, yet teaching them the concept of responsibility is great help to them especially if they are very willing to learn.  In the long run, they will offer help to you.  Do not refuse.  You are also helping your toddlers gain their self-esteem and self-worth.

But don’t overdo it. Don’t let your toddlers do the hard work.  What I mean is that, let your kids do the age appropriate household chores.  A guideline of age appropriate household jobs for kids are listed at

We don’t have to expect that they work has to be perfect.  Remember we are guiding them and supervising them, too.  Praising our little ones for helping us makes them proud.  “Well done, honey.  Thank you for helping,” makes their day.

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Toddler Quote: Super Power ( Momimhar posted on May 15th, 2015 )

K: “Mommy, I wish you have super powers so you can stretch your arm and I can hold your hand whenever I want.”

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Playtime And The Unanticipated Sleepover ( Momimhar posted on May 6th, 2015 )

It was a great day for a get together last Thursday.  My daughter and I visited my cousin E and let our girls have some play time at her house.  We haven’t seen each other in a while because I had to work part time again for four weeks last month.  She was quite busy the past few weeks also.  So we hung out at her house let the kids play outside for a little while for the weather was very nice.  The girls were all over the backyard running, climbing, and exploring my cousin’s vegetable garden.

After a while, our friend R came over to bring us some homecoming present from the Philippines.  Dried fish.  She went to the Philippines to take care of an important matter regarding his son’s expiring travel document.  When R left my cousin and I fried some dried fish, heated up some pork and vegetable soup, and rice for dinner.  That was a good dinner.  We weren’t able to eat some dessert because we were so full.

The three girls were very dirty from playing in the mud (from the rain few days ago) in the backyard.  My cousin gave them a bath while I cleaned up the dining table.  When it was time for K and I to go home, cousin A got very sad.  She didn’t want K to go home.  So E and I came up with the idea of staying for a sleepover.  We’ve been planning it for a while though.  The little ones were happy.  But when I told K I will get her bunny from home, she wanted to go home with me too.  Oh dear.  So okay, I told E we will have a sleepover some other time.  We will just go home.  But A cried again.  She didn’t want K to go home.  Alright, I asked E if it’s okay if A will come with us and have a sleepover at my house instead.  E’s husband gave his permission.  So, problem solved.  We headed home with A.  Both girls were very happy.

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We Got Enough Snow And Had Fun Outdoors ( Momimhar posted on March 2nd, 2015 )

Hello March!  It was  a wonderful weekend although it was very very cold due to a winter storm.  We didn’t get that much snow but we had enough to be able to play and have fun outdoors.  My darling daughter slept in late so we didn’t go outside until around 2:00 P.M.

We were making a snowgirl again. :)

We were making a snowgirl again. 🙂

She was very upset when the snow girl we made a couple of days ago melted.  So we tried making one again today. 🙂

So white and bright all around.

So white and bright all around.

My wish of a snow before Spring comes has been granted.  Two or three days of snow is quite enough.  Now we are ready for warm weather.  🙂

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