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Gears For Rainy Days ( Momimhar posted on August 3rd, 2012 )

I feel very sad hearing and seeing the flooding in the Philippines.  All year long my get strong storms and typhoons.  All the letters in the alphabet are used naming the typhoons.  Classes are suspended because of heavy rains and flooding in the affected areas.  Also, very inconvenient for those who go to work everyday.

We were worried about my relatives in the mainland.  Thank goodness that the area where they live is not flooded.  My family in the province are safe also.  When heavy rains and strong winds strike, the kids just stay home and wait for the weather to be better the next day.  It is not safe for kids and grown ups to go to school or outdoors when really bad weather occurs.

Sickness in kids during rainy season is avoidable if we are careful and aware of what’s the proper precaution when going outdoors.  Wearing rain boots and raincoats are advisable.  Eating well is best.  And the home is the safest place on rainy days.  I know my niece and nephews need new rain gear especially that classes are on again. The Back-To-School tax-free shopping is coming-the best time to shop for school supplies and other personal necessities for school.  It is a good timing because I am fixing to load the Balikbayan Box (package) and ship it next month.

Anyway, we will send donations to help the people who were affected by the typhoon and flooding.  Every cent or any kind counts.  For donations, please visit the Philippine Red Cross at

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