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Where is mine? ( Momimhar posted on May 26th, 2009 )

Do you know how it feels when everybody gets something and you do not? Like a relative sends a bunch of gifts with everybody’s names on each gift and your name is not included on them? How would you feel?

I know. You feel neglected. You feel sorry for yourself. This is what happen to my little nephew last week.

My father’s youngest sister sent some stuff to my family. Every gift had names one them…from my tatay to niece. But my little nephew C did not get anything. He was like walking back and forth looking over the shoulders of my mother while she was giving out the gifts from the package. “Where is mine?” This is the question my nephew uttered after all the gifts were distributed. My little nephew started crying and his mother (my sister) embraced and comforted him.

My mother and her both felt pity for my little nephew because he was crying seriously. Good thing my mother quickly thought of something that might comfort my nephew. She said since he likes getting P 5.00 coin, she puts one in a plastic and put his name on it. My mother did it very quickly and threw the coin secretly in the package box. Then she was like, “let us check the box again. Maybe C’s present is in there somewhere.” Then my mother checked the box again. ‘Surprisingly’ got the P 5.00 coin and said, “oh look what I found. There is something in here for…let me see…for C!” Then C stopped crying and ran towards her. He had the P 5.00 coin on his hand and said, “This is nice. Mine is money yours are not.” Then he started smiling. He’s happy again.

But the thought that my little nephew cried because he got nothing from the package had me teary-eyed while I was talking to my mother last night.

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