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Beautiful Store In Just Minutes! ( Momimhar posted on May 24th, 2013 )

Programming an online store can be a lot of work.  It takes an intimate knowledge of programming language and advertising to build a website completely from scratch.  This often defers new sellers who want to get started making money online.  With the help of 1ShoppingCart, you can easily build an online store that will attract customers without having to learn the details of programming.  A start-up plan gives you everything you need to sell online with 1ShoppingCart.

By using the website’s visual aids, you can quickly select a pre-made template. Even if you have no computer knowledge, everything is explained in an easy-to-understand way.  Each template is proven to be successful. The templates allow for easy store navigation and help to display your products in a pleasing manner.  Customers will be delighted as the zoom in to see all the details of your image.


For those selling services, 1ShoppingCart allows you to add various options to your product listings.  Customers can even sign up for reoccurring services or automatic billing.  The template allows you to fill your customers in on all the details they need to buy your product, service or subscription.  Get the most out of your online store with a package from 1ShoppingCart.  Easy to start-up and manage, you will be able to start selling online with a beautiful store in just minutes!

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Moms Always Find Little Ways To Earn Extra Money ( Momimhar posted on May 14th, 2013 )

It’s May already and I haven’t started sorting out the stuff that I would like to sell at the garage sale here in our neighborhood.  This month is the best month to do a garage sale, you know.  Besides getting mostly fair weather, lots of people go to a garage sale between April and May than June and July because the latter months are very hot because it’s summer.  Even me myself doesn’t like driving around hunting for garage sales in the summer.

Here’s some of the items I need to get rid of:

1.  Newborn clothes – just some of them because I will give a few selection to a friend’s upcoming baby girl.

2.  Infant clothes – a few of then needs to go because I already save some for my new niece back home.

3.  Infant toys – aside from giving a few to my new niece, I am going to sell the rest in the garage sale

4.  Women’s shoes – I have a few pairs of shoes that I don’t wear anymore.

5.  Women’s clothing – There are some clothes that I don’t wear anymore.  I already gave some of them to my younger sisters, cousins, niece, and young girls back home.

6.  Kitchen electrics – we have a couple or four electrics we need to get rid of

7.  Office equipment and office supplies – well, my hubby have old office equipment that needs to go.

What I need right now is plenty of time to gather them all together and segregate.  A week maybe?  Wish me luck.  As I have lots of stuff to do online and offline, hopefully I can still manage to take care of the things that will help me earn extra money.  Moms like me who want to earn extra bucks will always find little ways to make money online or offline.  My cousin had already started selling stuff and I also want to join the garage sale in her neighborhood.

Summer Class And Training ( Momimhar posted on April 24th, 2013 )

It is summer vacation in the Philippines.   But it is a summer class for my youngest sister who is in college.  She was determined to take the summer class this year because she doesn’t want to be in the October graduating class.  So she has to enroll summer classes for the first semester’s subjects.  I am glad that my sister is very determined and diligent in schooling.  We are proud of her studying hard and keeping the good grades.

Just two months ago she and her class went to Cebu for a training in a Psychiatric Institution.  That means they dealt with patients who have mental incapacity.  It was a two-week training so my sister had to pack a medium-sized luggage that she borrowed from our sibling.  The she had to bring her laptop and few books and school supplies.  I sent her funds that I thought would make it through the two-week stay in Cebu but I received an email from her saying that the she’s getting short on the budget.  And it’s three more days until the end of the training.  Because of the time difference between the Philippines and the USA which is about 12 hours, I immediately sent funds to my sister.  Gladly, she got her allowance on time.  My sister said the training went well.  Their CI told them ahead of time to not get attached to their patients.  They did lots of brainstorming after the duties.

This summer class’ subjects, she said, are necessary for Juniors like her so she won’t get tied up with so many requirements in her Senior year.

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Receiving The Fruit Of Thy Labor ( Momimhar posted on April 22nd, 2013 )

In times of struggles in life, even a job is hard to find.  I am saying this because my parents and siblings have experienced difficulties in job hunting back home.  Here in the US, as long as you are able (yet even those who have disabilities) and not very picky, you can land a job.  And if blessed with a satisfying compensation, you will be able to pay for your apartment and car.  In addition, you can also pay for your insurance policies.

My family back home has a simple way of living day to day.  My parents do not have a stable job so they do not have the benefits that the regular workers should have.  No Social Security nor life insurance.  Why?  They do not have enough resources to pay for those.  I think workers here in the US are lucky to have those type of privileges (are they?).  It is because when they get old and not able to work anymore, they will be receiving the fruits of their labor.

But there are some senior citizens who get into A Life Settlement  process where they want to get a lump sum of money from their life insurance policies.  It seems to me that they surrender or sell their life insurance policies to a third party.  This way, they do not have to pay for its premiums.  Instead, they will get the money they want and use it to fund particular living expenses.  Sure seems complicated but, like I said, some seniors are doing it.  But whatever the reason is, it is always important to seek a helpful advice.

As we know it, we are not getting any younger.  So we should use our time wisely.  The money we earn from working or business should also be managed properly so our family and ourselves will benefit from good financial management.

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Having a Baby ( Momimhar posted on January 29th, 2012 )

My husband and I recently found out we are expecting our first child, and we really could not be more excited. We are discussing names and picking out paint colors for the nursery, and can’t believe that we’ll have a third member of our family within the next few months. We have also been saving a lot of money before we start spending a lot more money on things like diapers and, further down the road, preschool. As it turns out, having a child is incredibly expensive. We both knew that in a nebulous way, obviously, but once you start actually crunching the numbers it gets a lot more real. The cost of raising a child is astronomical, so we’ve started paring back wherever we can. We have started sticking to a really strict budget and we were so excited to stumble upon some great information on New York Energy Rates. We discovered that living in New York affords us the opportunity to save money by selecting an energy provider that will save us money. It is the easiest thing so far we’ve done to save money.

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

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