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Pretend Credit Cards ( Momimhar posted on February 1st, 2017 )

While cleaning my purse I found two old and empty prepaid debit cards.  I gave them to K because she likes playing shopping with those.

Then she said. “Mom.  What if I have two credit cards with two thousand dollars in both of them?”

I said, “You can take me on a vacation somewhere.”


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Target Giveaway Winner ( Momimhar posted on November 6th, 2015 )

Target Giveaway Winner

Target Giveaway Winner

Yay!   I won.  It’s been a while since the last time I joined contests/giveways and won a prize.  I was surprised by this email from saying I won their $20 Target Gift Card Giveaway.  Hurray!  Now I have money to use to buy a present for K’s 5th birthday next month.  🙂

Thank you for sponsoring the giveaway!

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Here’s How To Make A Living As Vendors ( Momimhar posted on September 2nd, 2015 )

I believe in saving for rainy days so there will be resources to use when we need them.  Saving money for the future is highly recommended.  And looking for good alternative ways to earn a living should be taken seriously.  Owning a family business is one great opportunity that we should not take for granted.

The popularity of street vendors has increased in recent years, with many vendors targeting business centers where they can offer their wares to busy workers dashing out for a quick lunch or snack. With the potential to own their own business and set their own hours, many vendors find the position to be a very desirable way to make a living.

First Things First

Starting out as a street vendor, it’s important to make sure you obtain the appropriate permits. Check with your city or county government to determine what you’ll need. In general, you’ll need a business license and a sales tax permit in addition to a vendor’s license, but be sure to check as this varies from state to state. If you’ll be selling food, many counties also require you to participate in a course from the Department of Health on proper food handling.

a-ice cream vendor

Finding the Right Equipment

The proper equipment will depend greatly on what it is that you intend to sell. Visit a reliable company like All Star Carts & Kiosks when purchasing your vendor cart. They offer everything from hot dog carts to ice cream carts, allowing you to see a good selection. Consider the typical weather in your area. You may want a cart that comes with an umbrella for shade, or one that is enclosed, offering protection from the elements. If you’re hoping to be very mobile in your new career, consider a tricycle cart that you can peddle from place to place.

Choosing a Location

While you may think you know of a perfect location, you’ll need to make sure it is available. Many cities limit the number of street vendors that can sell in any given area. You may also find that there are date restrictions and time limits. Adhere precisely to any limitations in your area to avoid penalties or the loss of your permit.

Entering into a new business can be a daunting process. Some might think that a street vendor business is a simple place to start, but it truly requires appropriate planning, equipment and commitment. With those things, and the right permits, you’ll set yourself up for the best chance at success.

They Should Grant Consideration In Times Of Crisis ( Momimhar posted on November 30th, 2013 )

After a couple of weeks after the super typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) hit the Philippines, I was able to contact my siblings.  My youngest sister who was in Cebu during the typhoon’s devastation in Central Visayas, was able to connect thru the Internet in the hotel where they stayed.  Gladly her cell phone has built-in WIFI service so she messaged me right away on Facebook as soon as she arrived from the Geriatric institution where she was in-training.  I was very worried that she can’t be reached, too.

So we made a plan.  Since she’s already in Cebu, I sent her money to buy groceries to give to our parents and our other siblings’ families.  But she encountered a problem in claiming the money at a MoneyGram agent (a pawnshop) in Cebu.  Her student identification wasn’t accepted as a valid ID.  The agent asked for another ID like a voter’s or a Postal.  But my sister didn’t have those because:

1.  her voter’s ID hasn’t been released yet after the National Elections summer of 2012 (if I am not mistaken with the date), and
2.  She didn’t have a Postal ID.

Because she was giving a hard time at the pawnshop, she sent me a text message telling me what’s going on.  I made a long distance call to talk to the manager pleading  and telling her that I am sending the money for my family in Leyte who was severely affected by the typhoon.  She can verify that my sister lives in Leyte by checking her student ID.  But the manager didn’t listen.  She didn’t understand the situation.  I totally understand that they need to ask for another identification from sister.  But in this critical situation, they should at least grand a situational consideration.  Don’t you think?  I called the MoneyGram here in the US requesting a note to release the money to my sister.  The MoneyGram customer service representative was very helpful.  He said will grant my request, but, the agent must call them.  Did the agent call?  Nope.  That was an addition to the most frustrating and disappointing experiences in my life!

My sister still got the money the next day thru her classmate.  Thanks so much to her classmate for being so nice and understanding.  My sister bought groceries in Cebu as soon as she got the funds.  Thankfully I was able send a message to my brother thru his wife’s cousin about our sister’s coming home from Cebu.  My brother fetched her at the ferry terminal in Ormoc.  When my brother told me that everybody’s fine after the typhoon and our sister got home safely.  Then I slept well again.

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Convenience Is What We Want ( Momimhar posted on November 20th, 2013 )

As we all know, most of us are not using cash in paying for groceries, clothes, shoes, kids apparel, and gasoline.  And with big expenses such as tuition fees and travel expenses, we definitely pay using debit or credit cards.

When my family went to a long vacation last year, we paid most our expenses with our credit card.  Hotel accommodations, plane tickets, and ferry tickets were settled accordingly.  Our travel agent was very helpful in taking care of our travel needs.  My dear husband has been their client for years so he’s very confident with the travel agency’s service.

If a travel business is well-managed and well-taken care of, good customer service definitely shows it all.  It’s a tough competition in the travel industry.  Every aspect has to be up-to-date including ticket prices, tour rates, and airline policies.  When it comes to money matters, travel agencies trust reliable merchant account services in payment transactions.  Because mostly are paid with credit cards, travel agencies are provided with fast credit card payment services.  Sure is very convenient.  And if you know a travel agency that wants to try this service, CCP can help.

Convenience is what we always wanted especially when traveling with a toddler.  It was our first vacation together with DD and also met my side of the family for the very first time.  It was a wonderful vacation.

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