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Encourage Your Kids To Participate In Physical Development Programs ( Momimhar posted on October 8th, 2015 )

My darling daughter and I went to her tumbling, gymnastics, and cheer class this afternoon.  I was glad that I didn’t forget the schedule today because we missed the first day of classes last Thursday.  K was very excited to try this new skills and physical development for toddlers.  As much she loves jumping, K loves tumbling as well.  I noticed that she got bored in ballet class when she was 3 so I decided to let her try something else that I know she enjoys.

We arrived at the recreation center 10 minutes early but the in-charge let K inside the classroom.  The room is big and wide.  The props are ready and waiting for the kids to show up.  There were six children in the list but only three of them came including K.  The other one, though she was inside the room, didn’t join the activity.

The girls and their pom poms.

The girls and their pom poms.

It’s a 30-minute class which is good, I think, because toddlers get tired and bored easily.

The Wylie Recreation Center offers fitness and developmental classes for toddlers and young kids age 2-5.  Depending on the type of class, the monthly rates ranges from $25 to $125.  For members and Wylie residents, the rates are lower.  So if there are health and fitness programs for kids in your area, you can register may register your children.  I am sure they will have a great time.

My Sister Passed The Nursing Licensure Examination ( Momimhar posted on February 2nd, 2015 )

D with our parents.

D with our parents.

I am super happy and proud right now.  Yeah, can’t describe my feelings.  I received a good news from my family back home that my baby sister D, who graduated from college of nursing, passed the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) in the Philippines.  Oh my goodness it was a very happy day when I learned that she did it.  That good news was a great birthday present to me.

My sister graduated from college in April last year and took a review in a NLE Review Center in Cebu City, Cebu few months after her graduation.  I don’t remember the name of the review center exactly but I will update this post as soon as find out from my sister.  My husband and I were so confident about letting her join the review classes in preparation for the licensure examination.  Review centers help nurse graduates to learn techniques and strategies in answering the test.  The Board of Nursing changes the structure of the examination yearly.  So they have to study and review hard.

D is now a nurse. We are very proud of her.  The Oath Taking is gonna be held in Tacloban City, Leyte next weekend.  She and her classmates who also passed the examination will be registering at the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) on that day.  Now my husband and I have to figure out how to get her over here in the US.  We want her to work here and get a Master’s Degree in Nursing.  We live in Texas and we want my sister to work in a hospital close to us.

If you know of hospitals that do sponsorship and hire nurses from overseas, please let us know.  Your help is highly appreciated.

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Dealing With Bed Wetting In Toddlers ( Momimhar posted on September 15th, 2014 )

Every parent’s desire is to see his/her child reach a milestone.  And there are lots of milestones to look forward to.  One of them is when the child learns how to go to the potty.  That is just an awesome achievement.  But we do not have to force the little ones to do it.  We can teach them how and wait for them when they are ready.  Potty training toddlers is not an easy task.  It requires patience.  But if you’re little tot is ready, potty training comes easy.

Well, my darling daughter is already potty trained.  I was very happy that day when she asked me to take her to the bathroom because she wants to go.  That was a “hurray” moment.  Did that mean good-bye diapers already?  No.  Not yet for us at least for another year maybe?  I still put a diaper on K at bedtime.  My concern is bed wetting.  There are nights that K pees while sleeping.  So I don’t take chances of that to happen without her diaper on.  Or else she will be soaking wet in the bed.

well beginnings diaper


well beginnings diapers

Thanks to  Well Beginnings™ Diaper and wipes for the opportunity to try them on K.  Not only the diapers are comfortable, they are very absorbent and leak-free.  The wipes are soft and smooth on her skin.  The wipes don’t leave any particles on K’s skin.  I like that.

baby wipes

The  Well Beginnings™ diapers fit just right on her and the snaps don’t hurt or poke her skin.  The price is affordable and you can find these at Walgreens.

But how should I solve bed wetting problem?  What I do is let K go before bed.  And I don’t let her drink much water at night.  These helps minimize the possibilities of bed wetting.

*I received the products mentioned for free and for review purposes.  All opinions are 100% mine.

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Kid’s Bedroom Furniture Set ( Momimhar posted on August 20th, 2014 )

K has a new bed set.

K has a new bed set.

I am happy to share that my darling daughter has graduated from her toddler bed.  My dear husband and I put her big bed together last night and she was very excited to sleep in it.  It’s a full size bed so K and I fit in there very well.  Now I don’t have to have my legs hanging off the bed when reading a book to K at bedtime.  We bought this kid’s bedroom furniture set from a neighbor who had a moving sale two years ago.  The set was sold to us for $250.  I think we had a good deal.  And the pieces still looking great.

And because the new bed occupies most of the space in my daughter’s bedroom, I am taking away a few toys and toy storage that she doesn’t need.  I am not keeping some in the closet because  I already re-organized it.  I am thinking of donating some of the old toys, books, and other toddler items to charity.  There is big donation box close by where I can drop the stuff in.

About buying kid’s room furniture, there is always a good deal at garage sales or at online stores.  Though it takes you time to find one, it is worth checking.  We will surely have this furniture set in K’s bedroom for a while. K said she has a big girl’s bed now.  🙂

Why Child-Proofing Your Home Is Important ( Momimhar posted on September 30th, 2012 )

When babies started to roll over (probably about three months old), this is the time to child-proof your home.  Because babies grow so fast, sooner of later they will start crawling.  And before you know it, they will start cruising immediately.

Child safety is very important in the home to prevent serious injuries.  Babies are naturally curious with the things around them.  They grab anything they can reach.  They do not know if it’s dangerous. Now, if your baby is rolling over to his or her tummy it is time to remove unnecessary things in the crib like stuff toys and blanket.  My little girl started rolling at three months.  We moved her from the bassinet to the full-sized crib.  She was a wiggly baby so there was nothing in the crib at bed time except herself.  She liked sleeping on her tummy too.  I think most babies do.

Then when your baby begins crawling, it is advisable to remove or relocate all the small and movable home furnishing like the small side tables or tv trays to a place where he or she cannot access immediately.  I learned my lesson when our tv tray fell over my little girl when she crawled towards it and tried to pull up.  Because the tv tray is light, it easily stumbled over her.  She got a big bruise on the forehead.  I felt very bad and was hysterical when baby cried to the max.  We have two tv trays so I took them all away.  We do not have a center table either.  My husband told me that little kids will get bruises as part of growing up, but I can’t take it.  It breaks my heart whenever I see baby cry when she bumps her head or stumbles down.

Child-proofing your home is advisable in many ways.  Covering the power outlets is another important thing.  Babies like sticking their fingers in little holes.  You think they won’t notice those outlets because their on the wall?  Uh-ah.  My baby and I were playing in the living room when she decided to crawl away from me.  I was watching to see where she’s heading.  I was amused when I saw her crawling towards the wall, looking at the power outlet, and tried sticking her index finger in there.  Hurriedly, I told her “No, no!  That’s dangerous.”  She listened and crawled back to me.

Baby crawling towards the wall where the power outlet is.

She’s curious.

As a toddler now, my daughter is into everything.  She grabs her small chair to use as stepping stool so she can see what’s on the kitchen counter or on my dresser.

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