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Long Distance Calls On Weekends ( Momimhar posted on July 7th, 2009 )

As usual, calling my family is what I do on weekends. My call is not complete without the kids talking to me. My nephew C asks a lot of questions about me and his uncle (my husband). Everybody is doing well. My mother, as always, is tending the kids besides taking care of the home.My father is working part time now at my brother’s in-laws (helps building a house). My brother is doing good at work and his family is well. His son (my youngest nephew) is turning two years old tomorrow and he is getting smarter. My youngest sister, niece and nephew are enjoying school.

C talked to me and asked me to speak to him in English. He said he can speak English words now. So I asked, “How are you?” Then, “I am fine,” he answered. I think that’s cute and sweet because my nephew is learning English in his very young age. He is in the first grade by the way. Actually, everybody at home is trying to speak English so they can have a conversation with my husband when we come home for a vacation.

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