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Special Homecoming Dresses For Your Young Ladies ( Momimhar posted on November 10th, 2013 )

One of the most awaited event of high school and college students is the Homecoming.  It is a tradition here in the US where they welcome the alumni of a school.  Usually they do it during the football season in September or October.  This event is very exciting for the students because they can go to a Homecoming dance and vote for Homecoming King and Queen.  The winners or the most popular are announced at the halftime of the football game.

I remember when I was in high school.  We don’t have a Homecoming but we have an event like this but we call it JS Prom or Junior and Senior Prom.  Our school holds it sometime in February which makes it a little romantic because of Valentine’s Day.  Junior and Senior students practice a dance to be presented on the Prom Night.   This is the giggling part of the event because some Junior students have crushes with some Seniors.  After the Prom, some wind up to getting boyfriends and girlfriends.  🙂

Homecoming is a big deal here in the US.  Young ladies and gentlemen get to look their best in formal clothes.  As the event is approaching the young ladies gets busy shopping for homecoming dresses.  And when they picked the dresses they fell in love with, oh how lovely they look!  Just take a look at these lovely dresses from


This pink sweetheart chiffon homecoming dress look really young and sweet.


This sweetheart taffeta dress looks elegant. But I like it more in watermelon color.

Aren’t they cute?!  I know it is difficult to find a homecoming dress that young ladies would really want.  Because they have to look for a cute design and style that will suit their personalities.  I picked the above styles because they look sweet and dainty yet sexy.  In addition, the lady who’ll wear  them will look tall or taller and slender.  And they are not very expensive.  Cheap homecoming dresses can be bought online with free shipping.

There wasn’t that much of a selection of homecoming dresses during my school days.  So now, I can browse and buy latest short homecoming dresses 2013 to wear on special occasion.

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High School JS Prom 1 ( Momimhar posted on February 1st, 2010 )

I still remember how my JS prom went when I was in high school. It was fun. Though it was not so great like Juniors and Seniors (JS) prom now. During my Junior and Senior days, excitement’s in the air when the teachers say that the prom is already scheduled. And we have to practice the dance for three weeks. We are excited in the dance practice too because we had to see the crushes. Then the dress has to be uniform in color. The committee votes for what’s the dress motif’s gonna be for the prom year. When I was a Junior (third year high school), our dress motif was peach. And when I was a Senior (fourth year high school), the motif was mint green. We’ll buy the cloth and it’s up to us what dress style we have to have it made. Of course, we are very conservative that time. As far as I can remember, I have never seen somebody exposed some flesh…or maybe I just haven’t seen one 🙂

But the JS prom always brings excitement to high school students. It is the first formal party in high school life.

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