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Long Vacation In The Philippines ( Momimhar posted on July 6th, 2016 )

Yay!  We are back from l-o-n-g vacation.  Yup!  Two months vacation is quite long enough, don’t you think? Very happy that we had the opportunity to go on vacations and visit families and friends on the other side of the world.  This is the the second time my darling daughter K went on vacation to the Philippines, but this time on me and her went.  Daddy was a having a big project at work that’s why he wasn’t able to go. Of course, it could have been way more enjoyable if he was with us.

Fissan Prickly Heat Powder

Fissan Prickly Heat Powder

Although the weather in the Philippines was super hot and super humid-because it was hot season (summertime)- was able to adjust to the warm environment.  The first couple of weeks (we arrived March 22nd), was pretty hard because K had prickly heat rash.  So I bought my favorite heat rash powder called Fissan.  It works wonders on prickly heat.  I apply the Fissan powder on the affected skin after bath day and night.  Somehow Fissan prickly heat powder soothed K’s discomfort because of the heat rash.  K felt bored and felt a little awkward with my parents. She even told me that she wanted to go back home (Texas).  She missed her daddy, the house, her toys, and her bedroom.  But as soon as my nieces and nephews came over and got to talk and play with her, she was fine.  And we talked to daddy almost every day via Skype.

It is very amazing how the communication technology has improved through the years.  Eight years ago, we did not have an Internet access because my parents do not have computers and smartphones.  We were only able to communicate through prepaid cellphone once a week.  Today, we can chat any time we want to using our smartphones.  They don’t have a monthly Internet subscription so they only buy Internet credits from a telecom company, where they bought the sim card from, to be loaded in their phone for about $1.07 and register the credits to be able to use the Internet for three days.  Sometimes the signal is poor so there are times credits are wasted.  That’s disappointing and frustrating.

Anyway, glad we’re back to our home sweet home in Texas.  Looking forward to our future vacation to the Philippines in two years.

4 Practical Reasons to Invest in Online Education ( Momimhar posted on October 2nd, 2015 )

a-student on computer

Continuing your education in any form can enhance your career opportunities while making you more efficient at the job you have now. Knowledge is a key factor in virtually any aspect in life, and the Internet can be used as an efficient tool to get the education you need. Taking online courses, such as the CompTIA A+ practice test, provides a number of practical benefits for life in today’s society.


An online education doesn’t have to cost you thousands in student loans that will follow you every where you go. Many certifications for A+, MSCA and LPI are available at affordable rates. Also, there are a lot of businesses that will pay more to someone that has a degree. The money you could make through a better career after becoming certified may make up the expense in a short amount of time.

Travel Expenses

With gas prices they are now, traveling to and from a traditional college or other educational facility may be unrealistic for a budget. Online courses and practice tests save you money in gas and wear-and-tear of your vehicle as you can do them from home. When you take into consideration all the driving that would be entailed, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars per year.

Your Own Schedule

Many real-life classes rely on a specific schedule during the day. For those that have jobs, maintaining a schedule like this may be next to impossible. Most online educational courses allow you to set your own hours allowing you to work and learn without putting too much of a strain on yourself. You won’t have to call in sick in order to make it to classes on time.

Your Own Pace

For the most part, online education allows you to work at your own pace. As long as you meet certain criteria by a certain date, you can go as fast or as slow as you’d like. This gives you the chance to go over materials more thoroughly before advancing to the next stage. You may have a better chance of absorbing information without feeling rushed.

Too many people convince themselves that a proper education requires attending classes during the day at some facility. In reality, virtually the same information is available to you online as in one of those physical locations. All of the information you’ll need to pass a certification can be obtained from the comfort of your own home.

Stay In The Fashion By Using Best Replica Rolex ( Momimhar posted on December 20th, 2012 )

There is the great quantity of the stylish replica watches which are traded in the current market of the watch that offer a professional, fashionable and luxurious pattern. Rolex replica watches are ideal for those persons who love high trend stylish watches with overwhelming patterns and are prepared of best quality. There are a lot of high-class organizations which offer the premium and high-tech designer watches all around the globe. Almost anyone can dress in these kinds of attractive watches, but these ones especially don’t come at the reasonable price.
Elegant watches are traded all over the place, from the shopping malls and also on online shopping stores. A few of the stylish watches they vend are genuine even as there are others which sell outstanding imitations of it. They are prepared with careful precision to the amount which persons can notify in case this is the real or an imitation watch. As there are unlimited collections of the best replica Rolex, people would not any longer have the tough time searching the just right set of the watches to contest the individual way and style of the person’s life. Certainly, there are many best replica Rolex watches which can perfectly suit individual fondness of person.
Highly successful and rich persons have purchased and illustrated off these original watches over the time period, and at the present bounty of persons can use these beautiful watches by trying the replicated editions of them. Just a handful of persons, mostly specialists, can notify the difference in case this is genuine or the replicate copy. Other than for the normal people, one may hardly see in case it is genuine or not. You can without any doubt purchase these Replica Rolex watches because these are very carefully and properly manufactured by the experts.

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