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Anxious To See New Photos Of Little Niece ( Momimhar posted on November 15th, 2013 )

Our little baby E is growing fast.  She’s 10 months now and is very adorable.  In two months she will be turning 1!  Oh how time flies! My family and I were on vacation back home when she was born and I was very happy I got to hold her when she was a newborn.  My whole family was so delighted to see and welcome the new bright big bundle of joy.

My sister-in-law gave birth to my niece in a birthing center in our town.  They paid about $80 for the midwife’s service.  She had a normal delivery and I don’t think she had a shot of anesthesia.  But she made it.  Her delivery was successful.

The recovery period for a normal delivery doesn’t take long.  It usually takes about a month or two then moms should feel well.  But moms have to be very careful in lifting things up.  She has to watch her work loads.  Over-fatigue and stress can lead to sickness.  Remember there’s a little one depending on you.  Request for help from friends and family when needed.  Same advice I told my sister-in-law because I know her better.

My little niece is so adorable that she is.  I bet she is keeping her mom busy.  Or maybe she is being high maintenance.  I don’t know.  Whichever it is, I miss her.  I can’t wait to see my new niece again…and everybody, of course.  I sent her DD’s infant clothes.  I asked my sister-in-law to send me new photos of our dear one.  So anxious to see them.

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My Squirmer ( Momimhar posted on June 27th, 2012 )

As my daughter approaches toddlerhood, she’s filled with so much energy and does lots of activity. Well even when I was pregnant with her, she wiggles a lot inside my tummy.  She was reacting to the noise, responding to my voice, and settling to a comfortable position when I laid down to sleep.

Look how playful she is.  She loves her stuffed toys-wrestling and jumping on them.  I am not worried about my daughter’ health and development at all.  I think she is ahead.  My husband and I are happy that we are blessed with healthy and cheerful child.

One of her little tricks

Now she is 19 months old.  Approaching the ‘terrible twos’?  We’ll see.  To me, with proper discipline and real patience, I don’t think my daughter’s behavior will be difficult to handle.

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Toddlerhood: An Early Childhood Stage ( Momimhar posted on January 6th, 2012 )

My little princess is 13 months today.  She has been very healthy and active as she enters the stage of early childhood – toddler.  A toddler age is between one and four years old.  I did not completely understood what toddler means.

When I was in grade school, our Bible teacher us an activity kit includes a long play disc, white shirt, kiddie booklet, and a paper with a puppy on it.  Some activities in the booklet was for toddlers.  I did not pay too much attention with the word toddler. Now I know that it means.  Toddler is the stage of early childhood when an infant is beginning to walk, toddle around, and begins to throw tantrums.  Speech, thinking, and motor development are in a fast phase in this stage.

My daughter did her first few steps when she was 9 months old.  Then she completely learned to walk few couple of weeks after.  Now she runs, climbs, and raises her feet whenever I put on pants or socks on her.  Hubby and I are so proud of our little angel.

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