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Top Tips for Travelling with a Pet ( Momimhar posted on February 4th, 2013 )

If you decide to holiday with your pet then ensure you do your research and pack everything you need for the trip.  You do not want to ruin your holiday by turning up to your destination and realising your pet isn’t actually welcome and you have to travel all those miles back home with a disgruntled pet.  Here are some top pet travel tips to help such disastrous outcomes:

Check your pet is welcome where you are going and on the transport you are using to get there.  Whilst you may love little poochey woochey and think that he is the bees knees, bear in mind that not everyone will share your opinion and that there is a good chance your hotel owner will see your pet as a carpet destroying, curtain eating, pooping monster.  Some places allow pets for a small additional deposit but always check first and inform the property owner.  Don’t ever try to sneak your pet onto transport or into accommodation when you know they are not welcome as this will just end in trouble.

Get a pet passport.  If you are travelling abroad your pet will need the necessary documentation and be up to date on their vaccinations.  Always check quarantine rules as you don’t want your pet staying longer at your destination then you are, and behind caged bars.

Plan ahead.  If you are driving a long way with your pet then ensure you know the route and you know where to stop so that your pet can be let out for fresh air and toilet breaks.  Just because you can cross your legs for 5 hours does not mean your dog can and it isn’t fair to assume they will be fine so stop regularly and let your dog have the opportunity to do its business if it needs to.

Pack all the bits your pet will need.  Your dog will not need a bikini, sarong and book but they will need an adequate supply of food, bowls for food and water, maybe a bed and perhaps towels if you are heading somewhere where they may be jumping in puddles.  Bear in mind that not every shop will stock your specific food, so if your pet likes a specific brand such as Royal Canin then stock up on the Royal Canin Cat food or Royal Canin dog food just in case you cannot get it where you are going.

And there you have it, several simple, straight forward things to consider when going away with the furry family member that will help you avoid a lot of bother and ruined holiday experiences.

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