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We Have A Pet ( Momimhar posted on May 12th, 2015 )

Assembling the acrylic fish tank for the Betta fish.

Assembling the acrylic fish tank for the Betta fish.

We have to condition the water for 24 hours before putting the Betta fish in the tank.  K was so excited about this.  She couldn’t wait.  She kept asking me if the water is ready.  Ang kulit!  Hahaha.

We have a pet.  Betta fish. :)

We have a pet. Betta fish. 🙂


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Pet Sitting Over The Weekend ( Momimhar posted on January 19th, 2015 )

Taking a walk on this beautiful sunny day.

Taking a walk on this beautiful sunny day.

It’s a very pleasant day today.  Not cold. Not hot.  It’s just right.  So my darling daughter and I together with our fur friend went for a stroll around the neighborhood.  My little girl was very happy that Howler was with us over the weekend.  My friend H and her family (who owns Howler) flew to California.  Since her kids have a three-day weekend holiday, they decided to visit her sister in San Diego.  So we were pet-sitting Howler.  But we will take her home this evening because H and family will be back.

DD was so happy that Howler’s with us even for the weekend.  She misses her.  Since I started working part-time at H’s house, DD got close to her kids and to the dog.  H once asked me if I would consider having a pet dog.  I said my husband and I are not ready for a pet yet.  We take international vacations and we do not want to leave our pet for a month.  And our home is not ready to have a pet occupant either.  🙂

I don’t want to be selfish but I want to focus time with my daughter, my husband, and my home.  There are so many things to do around the house.  And we are already planning to go on another vacation in a few months time.

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Princess Ariel Pumpkin Carving And Trick Or Treat ( Momimhar posted on November 4th, 2014 )

pumpkin 2014

Our carved pumpkin for Halloween 2014. Supposed to be Princess Ariel’s face. Hubby said he should have carved the eyes, nose, and the mouth first. 🙂

We still had a nice Halloween trick or treating this year.  Even though my dear husband carved the pumpkin to the last minute, I think it still looked cute. 🙂  He was complaining because it had lots of lines to trace.  Anyway, we liked it and DD said it’s pretty.

inventory-halloween 2014

As usual, DD is taking inventory of the treats she received.

I had all the candies ready by the front door and I turned on the front porch light as soon as it got dark.  My daughter wanted to wear her wolf mask instead.  We went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I think there were 15 houses, including ours, did trick or treat this year.  Not bad, I guess.  There were only nine last year.  We gave the remaining candies to the last batch of trick or treaters from another neighborhood.  I think there were more than 10 of them on a trailer.  That was fun.


And we had a visitor. I was dogsitting this pug over the weekend. 🙂

And this doggie was our visitor.  Her name is Howler and I was dogsitting her over the weekend because her owner went on a weekend trip to California to visit a family.  Howler was on her Geisha dog Halloween costume.  🙂

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