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I’ll Be Home For Christmas ( Momimhar posted on December 7th, 2012 )

My niece, who is in second year high school, is not going to the Christmas Party in school.  The reason is that, we are coming and she is more excited to be with us than attending her class’ Christmas party.  I don’t blame her.  She has been looking forward to spending the holidays with us.  And because we will be in Leyte in two weeks, my niece and nephews are very excited to see us and our darling daughter.

When I was in high school, I always attend our class’ Christmas parties.  And whenever there’s a school Christmas Program, I always have a part either in a dance or a song presentation.  I was active in extra curricular activities in school.  Despite tightness in financial, I tried to get on with school requirements.  School was very important to me.  And I was very active in my class too.

On the other hand, my niece said that attendance to their Christmas party is not mandatory.  So she’s not bothered about it.  She is helping her mother get ready for the trip.  My sister will go with us to Bicol.  And she will be our assistant and temporary babysitter while we are in Manila.  I am anxious to get on the plane on Sunday.  My family and I will be home for Christmas.

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Family Vacation Is Coming Up ( Momimhar posted on October 6th, 2012 )

As our family vacation is fast approaching, I am getting busy with booking hotel accommodation and flights.  We already have our tickets for the international flight but what I am trying to accomplish here is making sure all our domestic flights and hotel accommodations are confirmed.  There is no room for delays because it is going to be a very busy family vacation.  In four years, we will spend the Holidays with my family back home.

Speaking of Holidays, we will not host the Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  I already told my mother-in-law that I won’t be to do it.  But I promised to have Thanksgiving Dinner next year.  As for the family’s Christmas Party, we will either do the exchanging of gifts on Thanksgiving Day at my sister-in-law’s house or in January when we get back.

Because we will be on vacation for a month, we will not put Christmas lights outside the house like we usually do.  Of course, there will be few decor at the front door and that’s it.  We will have our artificial Christmas tree up but not the big one.  As I am preparing the homecoming gifts, I am also wrapping gifts for my family and friends here in the U.S.

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Shipping The Package This Week ( Momimhar posted on September 9th, 2012 )

I am shipping the package this week.  I have been busy with shopping and buying holiday gifts for my family and friends back home in the Philippines.  My husband and I together with our toddler will go on a vacation in December.  This will be our first Holiday vacation in four years.  I am very excited and yet a little worried because we will be traveling with baby.  It will her very first time traveling international.

There is a flying with a toddler checklist that I have to check out so my husband and I will be very prepared in the trip.  Also I am currently searching the Internet for tips and advice from other parents who have had experienced traveling abroad with a toddler.  Still have LOTS of things to do such as domestic flights booking and baggage preparation.  I am looking forward to complete or accomplish about 70 percent of packing before Thanksgiving Day.

For the meantime, I am fixing the package ready.  The cargo staff will pick this up this coming Thursday at noon.  Pretty sure it will be full and sealed/taped by then.  Another batch of holiday gifts on the way. The kids excited now knowing that it’s coming.

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