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Pool Time With Aunt And Uncle ( Momimhar posted on June 22nd, 2013 )

It’s been a while since our last swimming and that was about six months ago when we were on vacation in the Philippines.  My darling daughter and I went to see her aunt and uncle for a swimming get-together and picnic.  We arrived at their house about noon and the couple was getting ready.  Kaye was very happy to see them and cannot wait to go to the pool.  We applied sunscreen and headed out after all the coolers were placed in the trunk of my brother-in-law’s van.

The pool isn’t that far from their house.  It’s really nice and it has a big covered area for shade.  It was not busy at all when we got there.  My darling daughter and her aunt get into the water soon as we finished settling our stuff under the big canopy.  DD likes to swim very much.  I like swimming too but I wasn’t able to join them today.  I like the place and I like the pool.  It’s 3 to 4 feet deep just ideal for everyone to swim.  Little ones of course have to be with grown ups while swimming.  I forgot to take swim floaties for her but the cousin stopped by  and brought her a pair.  He did not join us because he and his girlfriend had plans for the day.  They are going to a concert and will finalize summer travel plans.


Ready to swim.

We stayed there for like two hours.  We agreed to head back to the house to get something to eat.  Good thing DD didn’t refuse when we said it’s time to go.  Surely she was already tired, too.

It was a great visit.  We talked about lots of stuff including kids’ summer activities.  Her cousins will be going on a sports camp this summer and she will be taking swimming lessons, too.  Everybody’s getting busy doing awesome kids outdoor activities.  We’ll definitely do it again some time soon.  My little girl enjoys being with her aunt and uncle.

Summer Swimming Lesson In YMCA ( Momimhar posted on August 1st, 2012 )

My husband has been asking me a few times if baby and I have been to YMCA.  We have been talking about enrolling our little princess to a swimming lesson for toddlers.  I got the chance to register her last week.  Gladly there was still available slot.  There is a YMCA located in Rockwall about 11 miles away from our house.  I registered my little girl on the Saturday swimming session because it is half amount cheaper than weekdays.  And my husband and I can get into the pool with our daughter too.  Summer is the season when we can let our kids get into swimming lessons.

I was kinda late in putting my child into a swimming lesson in YMCA.  My husband told me to let her start at the age of 1.  Some kids don’t enjoy being in the water but most of them do.  And I saw a few toddlers kick and swim without being scared.  My daughter needs a lot of encouragement especially when she gets water on her face.  She does not know how to deal with it.  Hopefully before the swimming class ends, she will learn or, at least, remember simple basics.  Maybe we can get her to another swimming class before summer ends.

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Indoor Swimming Pool ( Momimhar posted on July 19th, 2012 )

Again, it’s a wonderful week.  My daughter was invited to a kids birthday party in Plano.  My friend’s son turned 8 and the party was held at Tom Muehlenbeck Center.  The party includes swimming so we brought our swimwear.

Andrew’s Birthday Party

Tom Muehlenbeck Center is a big recreation area in Plano.  It has both indoor and outdoor pools.  The pools have an appropriate depth levels for guests to splash in.  Admission to use the pools are based on age:

$3 for youth 3-15

$6 for adults 16 and up

Indoor Swimming Pool

It is a good idea to celebrate a special occasion like kids parties in a recreation center in the summer.  This way, if you are planning to include swimming in the party activity, an indoor pool is going to be perfect for everybody.

Birthday Party favor (cup, two hand towels, marshmallows on sticks, and art supplies)

My daughter had fun at the party especially in the water.  She did not want to get out of the water when it was time to go home.  What I did not like was the shower rooms are located at the locker rooms…a bit farther because we had to walk across the hallway from the pool.  In fairness, the center has nice shower rooms.

It was my baby’s first time in the swimming pool.  She wasn’t scared at all.

Kids Love Playing In The Water ( Momimhar posted on May 19th, 2012 )

In this hot weather (not even summer yet), kids love to go swimming or just play in the water in the backyard.  We just have to pull the house out and attach a round sprinkler to it.  Turn the water maybe a little bit down and let the kids run around as water sprinkles on them.

My little girl had fun at grandpa and grandma’s house, as usual.  We came over for the weekend.  This time, she’s able to play with her cousins because she is walking, running, and recognizes them now.  My husband’s sister brought an inflatable bouncy bounce for the kids to get busy with while the grown ups were busy preparing the table for early dinner.  My daughter did not like it very much.  She is too young for it and she’s kinda scared.

After dinner, we let the kids play in the water and they loved it! My little girl had her Dora The Explorer swimsuit.  She looked really cute. 🙂  My husband’s parents do not have a swimming pool.  So what my husband did, he put water in the wagon and I poured hot water (from the faucet inside the house) to get the water warm for the kids to splash into.  They had a great time.

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Can’t Help But Worry ( Momimhar posted on May 18th, 2012 )

Whenever a member of my family is not feeling well, I cannot help but worry.  Who wouldn’t?  No one wants a family to be sick.  Though my grandpa is in his old age and has an illness, we do the best we can to provide for his medication.  We want him to fully out of sickness.

Minor sickness like cough, colds, and fever worries me to the max.  When my youngest sister told me that our nephew was running a fever, I called home immediately.  I asked so many questions.  What happened was, my other sister took her kids (my niece and  nephew) to swimming.  My nephew ate all kinds of food.  He was jumping, running,and swimming with other kids.  In short, he was having fun.  They went home tired.  In addition, the weather the next day was not very nice.  It’s hot and the next thing they knew it will rain suddenly.  At that time my nephew played outside in that weather.  So, he began feeling awful and ran a fever.

My sister gave him over-the-counter fever reducer medicine for two days.  My nephew stopped throwing up also.  We all felt relief when the fever was gone and he started to feel great again.  Oh, I love my niece and nephews.  They are the bright bundles of the family.

Nature always affect the health and fitness of a person.  So if you learned that the weather is not gonna be great for an outdoor activity, just stay at home and wait for another day.

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