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Celebrating The Graduates ( Momimhar posted on March 29th, 2015 )



My family back home in the Philippines is celebrating our graduates and achievers today.  Friday was the graduation day.  My niece finished high school and will be entering college this coming June.  My nephew graduated in elementary.  Both of them were awarded Most Behave in their respective classes.  My other nephew was the Best Achiever in his 1st grade class, too.  This celebration also includes my baby sister’s graduation in college and being a licensed nurse.  I mentioned before that she passed the National Licensure Examination for Nursing early this year.

So everybody’s at a resort right now.  The kids had been looking forward to this day to come – to be able to go to the pool and swim.  I am very thankful that we were able to grant their requests.  And I am very happy to know how happy they are right now.  I know the feeling of great happiness when something that you had been wishing for for quite sometime is granted.

It is summer vacation now in the Philippines.  I wish the kids a wonderful summer vacation.  I want them to enjoy their time with the family and enjoy their childhood like I did when I was their age.

Congratulations to all the graduates, honors, and achievers.

Graduation Gifts And Belated Christmas Presents ( Momimhar posted on June 30th, 2014 )

My youngest sister's graduation in college.

My youngest sister’s graduation in college.

Congratulations to my youngest sister.  She graduated from college a couple of months ago.  Graduating from college is the biggest accomplishment for my sister so far.  It’s unbelievable how the years flew by so fast.  Seemed like she just enrolled in first year college last year.  Now she already have her diploma in Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  We are very proud of my sister D.

Few weeks after her graduation day, the packages I shipped has been delivered at my parents’.  Inside the packages were Christmas presents, clothing, kids’ shoes, body and bath essentials, personal care items, and graduation gifts (for my sister).  My niece and nephews were anxiously waiting for them to arrive.  I was glad that the packages were delivered without issues.

On the other hand, my sister sent me a text message letting me know that they already got the presents and stuff and she thanked me for the cute  maxi dress we gave her.  It’s one of the graduation gifts we sent her.  To match the dress, she also received a pair of sandals.

My sister was very happy with her presents.  My niece and nephews were too.  They got to open their belated Christmas presents in June.  🙂

Our Small Celebration For The Graduates ( Momimhar posted on April 5th, 2014 )


Tiramisu cake.

My cousin and I hosted lunch at her house celebrating the graduation of my sister from college and of our cousins from high school.  We invited a few girl friends to have lunch with us yesterday.  I really wanted to celebrate the graduation even if I wasn’t there to witness it myself.  In a small and simple way my cousin and I shared the joy and the blessing that The Almighty has given us and our loved ones in this special occasion.

We are very proud of these kids.  They’re very diligent and patient.  Wishing them the very best in their future endeavors.

It’s Her Graduation Day! ( Momimhar posted on April 2nd, 2014 )

Today is the day, Edz!  May you excel in the field you have chosen.

Congratulations to this year’s graduates, especially to those in the honor rolls, the awardees, the ‘laudes and the ‘torians! Wishing you all the best!

Again, congratulations!

Today (April 3 in the Philippines) is  my little sister’s graduation from college.  My parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews are there to witness the special day of her college life.  Graduation Day.  Four years of complete diligence and patience had paid off.  We are very proud of her completing a nursing course.  How I wish we could be there to share and witness the special occasion.

The next thing after their graduation is the review for the nursing license examinations.

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Graduating From College ( Momimhar posted on March 23rd, 2014 )

In first week of April my youngest sister will be graduating in college.  She’s taking a nursing course.  Oh how time flies!  Seems like two years ago she was starting college.  Me, my husband, and everyone in our family is very proud of this huge achievement that my sister will be getting.

Len is a very determined and diligent girl.  She completed her trainings and did well in examinations.  This is one of the wonderful events in her life that is worth celebrating.  My parents are getting ready for the graduation ceremony that is going to be held in April 3rd, in God’s grace.  We were looking forward to her graduation and here it’s coming.  I wish me and my family could be there to witness and share this special occasion.  But do not enough resources to fly right now.  I am very sure they understand.

As per Len’s graduation requirements, she needs to pay the balances of her tuition fees for this last semester including the payment for the Nursing Licensure Review.  In addition, the graduating class has to pay the miscellaneous fees for the Pinning Ceremony, batch ring, and graduation ceremony.  My parents are, of course, very proud of our dear Len.

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