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Sixth Grade AB Honor Roll ( Momimhar posted on May 19th, 2023 )

Congratulations to my darling daughter for finishing Sixth Grade with flying colors. She got AB Honor Award. I can’t believe she will be entering Seventh Grade already. Ugh! Time flies so fast. My sweetheart is in Middle School now. Yes. To me, she I’d think Seventh Grade is her start in Middle School because Sixth Grade should be considered as elementary level. And there should be an elementary graduation after finishing Sixth Grade. That was I had when I was in grade school.

Anyway, Summer Break is just around the corner. We already planned our vacation so my daughter and I are very excited about that. ‘Will post entries about our summer vacation in the coming weeks. Hope you have great summer, too.

School Supplies For Fourth Grade ( Momimhar posted on August 12th, 2020 )

School supplies – 4th Grade

Aye! It’s back to school again. We finished our back-to-school- shopping this week and my darling daughter had a lot of fun picking and buying her clothes and school supplies. Not much supplies needed for 4th Grade which is nice. Haha. We also had to buy a new pair of headphones because her old ones got worn out.

I know many of you are hesitant to send your students to the classroom this school year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever decision you make, I hope you kids are gonna be happy. Safety is very important so is happiness. We are in a difficult situation where we have to weigh in the most significant reasons. Our kids needs the utmost patience, understanding, guidance, and support from us parents in these uncertain times. Whatever learning methods you choose for your kids (virtual or face-to-face/in-person/classroom), I wish everyone the best of luck. I hope our kids will have a great school year.

My darling daughter is doing classroom schooling. We will be fine. 🙂

K is in 4th Grade! Yay!

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One Of The Effective Ways To Teach The Subject Without Taking Too Much Time ( Momimhar posted on June 10th, 2012 )

Another school year has started in the Philippines.  In fact, the first day of school for this year was June 4, Monday.  It is always the first Monday of June when school starts.  Students and parents getting busy again with daily routines such as waking up very early in the morning, doing the assignments, researching, and studying hard to get good grades to pass the subject matters.  With all of these, teachers are busy too.  They do the above mentioned as well.

Here in the US, school is off for the summer (June) and starts on around last week of August or first week of September.  What makes it easier for students and parents to enroll for the new classes is doing it online.  It saves time and gas.

When classes starts, it’s not only the students and parents that are busy.  Teachers are, too.  They go to seminars and meetings to be updated with the new course curriculum and school policies.  Subject teachers in elementary like Math teachers do their best to obtain the effective way to teach the subject without taking too much time.  Printable Multiplication Worksheets help the teaching of the subject easy in class or homeschooling. Not too much of a worry  for Math teachers.

School is cool.  Being a student sometimes is hard but rewarding once finished.

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