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New Year Celebration Tradition ( Momimhar posted on December 31st, 2009 )

Happy new year! Greetings from me and the bright bundles.I called home and my mother said she’s making spaghetti and bangus (milkfish) escabeche for New Year’s Eve dinner. Oh boy! I missed that home-made spaghetti. Anyway, two of my siblings are with their families to celebrate the welcoming of year 2010. My father said he does not have fireworks or firecrackers because it is sprinkling and he thought it might going to rain. Well, it does not matter. They will make some noise to welcome year 2010. That’s for sure.

Another option is to do banging of pots and pans, shaking coins in tin cans, or blowing horns (like we usually do). What matters most is, the tradition of the New Year celebration will never be forgotten as it brings love, happiness, and goodwill to everyone.

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