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Birthday Party At Sweet & Sassy ( Momimhar posted on December 15th, 2016 )

K’s 6th birthday celebration was amazing.  She has been wanting to go to Sweet & Sassy and have a walk on their stage/runway in the store.  Obviously, she wanted to have a fashion show there. She told me that she wanted her birthday held at Sweet & Sassy.  My dear husband and I talked about the plan and he said book the party ahead of time to avoid the hassle of December party rush.

So here’s K and her dear family and friends at her 6th birthday party Fashion Runway at Sweet & Sassy in Garland (Texas).

Getting hair and face glam up.

Follow the leader to the dressing room. 🙂


Besides being a salon and store, Sweet & Sassy offers party options for kids.  You can choose from six party packages here.  In addition to that, you can also get add ons to the party package you have selected.  Goody bags, Make-your-own Spa items, or a Limo ride are some of the options that you can customized. I added goody bags as giveaways to our guests.  The girls loved it because they got to pick the items they like.

K’s on the spotlight.

K and her guests all dressed up. In this photo, they were about to play a game of Freeze Dance and then dance disco after.

The hostess and the crew were very friendly and lively.  Their cheerfulness kept the children engaged in all the activities during the party.  There was no dull moment.  What added to K’s enjoyment during her party was the music played.  Her favorites: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake from the movie Trolls, and one that I can’t remember…sorry. 🙂

The party room. Every party has its own hostess to help serve the cake and drinks.

The goody bags and stuff. These are add ons to the party packages.

Happy birthday, Kaylen. The hostess and her assistants greet the birthday girl and guests at the door before proceeding to the dressing room.

K wanted to wear a Chinese dress on her birthday. Glad I found this dress on Poshmark.

I think it was a great party.  K said she had an amazing day.   I hope our guests had a great time, too.  Thanks for the time and, also, for the birthday presents.

Little Girls Birthday Decoration Inspiration DIY by A Friend ( Momimhar posted on October 8th, 2016 )

Kyana's birthday cake.

Kyana’s birthday cake.

A friend of mine has two adorable daughters.  The youngest just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago.  Kyana had a simple yet a very cute party.  Her mom did all the birthday party decorations.  How awesome.  The cake was nicely decorated, too.  What a talented mother Kyana has.

Do-it-yourself or DIY birthday party decor can save you a lot of money.  If you are very creative, you can make your own party decorations from extra scrapbook supplies or unused paper goods in your home.  All we have to add to the creativity is a lot of motivation and diligence to do it.  There are so many DIY inspiration and resources on the Internet.  The moment you find the perfect decor inspiration, the urge will come after.  And you do not have to buy party decor every time.

Popping the Balloons Game

Popping the Balloons Game

My darling daughter enjoyed at the party as well.  My friend prepared kids’ party games for the young guests.  K’s favorite was Popping the Balloons.  What’s funny was, the kids had to pick a certain colored balloon to pop yet they can pick whichever pretty much.  The game took a little while to finish.  🙂  Everybody got a prize though.

The cake and the food was delicious.  Everyone had a wonderful time at Kyana’s 1st birthday party.


Photo garland

Christmas Party With Friends And A Jolly Holidays ( Momimhar posted on December 6th, 2015 )

Christmas Party at my dear friend Dar's residence in Benbrook, TX.

Christmas Party at my dear friend Dar’s residence in Benbrook, TX.

Gifts for the White Elephant game.

Gifts for the White Elephant game.

Simple Party Games Toddlers Will Enjoy ( Momimhar posted on September 15th, 2015 )


K’s cousin Lexi turned 3 few weeks ago.  We were very excited to celebrate Lexi’s birthday because K and I have planned some party games for them to play.  It wasn’t a big party.  It was just me, K, and my cousin’s family of 4.

We were supposed to gather my cousin’s house on Lexi’s birthday weekend but our schedules didn’t meet. Lexi didn’t want to slice her birthday cake because she wanted to share it with K.  I was touched by her sweetness because she thought of her cousin.

So below are the party games that K and I have planned for the special occasion.

Birthday Party Games

Freeze Dance  – All children who can dance can participate in this fun game.

Knock Down The Duck – It doesn’t have to be a rubber duck, actually.  Any medium-sized toy that can stand alone be used in this game.  If you have a toy bow and arrow available, this game is super fun to play.  Whoever knocks down the rubber duck from a certain distance wins.

Bring Me (name a color)– This game helps the kids to be alert and exercises their brain to think fast.  For example, you say “Bring me something green.”  The kids will go find something green and whoever brings to you the right one, wins.

Race – This is going to be an outdoor game.  If you have a backyard, this racing game is great.  For toddlers, getting them lined up and let them run to the designated finish line is such a fun thing to see.  Whoever gets to the finish line first, wins.

K and I had the prizes ready.  Would you really expect the toddlers participate in the games without a lot of questions? I mean, they’re only interested with the prizes no matter what.  🙂

Remember:  Adult supervision is highly recommended and needed in every party games that kids play.  Everyone’s safety is the top concern in every gathering or party.

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