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Have You Ever Tried To Eat Some Fig Fruits? ( Momimhar posted on September 17th, 2015 )

Fig fruits

Fig fruits

Have you tried some fig fruit?  How did you like it?

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Nutritional Energy Drink For Kids ( Momimhar posted on August 31st, 2015 )

Milo energy drink.

Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.

When it comes to healthy drinks, we want only the best for our children.  Of course, every one of us have our own preferences.  Sometimes we just don’t stick to one healthy drink only because our kids’ taste buds change, too.  But the most important thing is we want them to stay healthy and strong.

Who remembers Milo chocolate drink?  When siblings and I were growing up, Milo has been a part of our daily meal.  It was our breakfast or mid-afternoon drink back then.  A product from #Nestle with vitamins and minerals that every child need.  We never liked drinking milk so Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink was great for us.  Sometimes we’re mixing the drink with rice to make it look like we’re making a porridge.

I bought a few of this drink and let my darling daughter try some to see if she’ll like Milo.  Well, she loved it! I would like for you to try Milo chocolate nutritional energy drink.  One can cost $1.88 in most grocery stores.

Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime drink

Post Goodness To-Go breakfast/anytime shake drink

Another favorite is the Goodness To-Go Breakfast/Anytime Shake from Post.  I learned about this when I was grocery shopping at Walmart one weekend few months ago.  There was a free sample kiosk for this breakfast drink and there were coupons, too.  It tasted good and hence it’s Vanilla flavor, which my daughter also likes, I took two coupons and grabbed two packs.  Each pack has four and costs about $4.98.  The coupon was $1.50.  I think the price is just right for this one.  Sometimes you’ll find coupons for this at

One Goodness To-Go breakfast drink a day is good.  Try it.  Your child might like it.

Daily Sweetener That’s Healthy For You ( Momimhar posted on March 18th, 2015 )

As a full-time mom and housewife, life is sometimes difficult for me especially when I don’t get all my house chores done.  There are times when  I get to do something today but will get left behind because something very important comes up.  And so, I end up in a back log at times.

But there are moments when I feel very at ease.  Thanks to my loving husband for always being there to help me especially in the kitchen.  I don’t cook that much at all.  My husband does most of the cooking for us.  He doesn’t care for Filipino foods that much.  Here is more into Tex-Mex foods.

Anyway, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed I just get me a cup of coffee and tsweetleafake a few minutes of relaxation in the living room while watching my favorite cooking show.  I don’t need to put a lot of sugar in my coffee because we have SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener.

stevia on my coffee

I am very delighted to be invited by Moms Meet to try SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener and get the chance to review it here.  All my life I have been using plain sugar in all my sweet treats especially on my coffee or milk.  This time, I am trying this sweetener.


And here’s why you should try SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® Sweetener too.

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® Sweetener is a Certified Organic, zero-calorie sweetener made from high-quality stevia leaves.

• With a delicious taste that is sweeter than sugar, SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is perfect for sweetening hot or cold beverages, cereals, baked goods, desserts, fresh fruit, yogurt, and more.

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is gluten free, and contains no artificial ingredients, calories, carbohydrates, or glycemic response, making it ideal for people managing their blood sugar or calorie intake.

• One packet of SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener is as sweet as two teaspoons of sugar.

• SweetLeaf Organic Stevia® comes in 35 ct. ($4.99) or 70 ct. packets ($8.99). Prices may vary based on the retailer.

And for product updates, kindly follow SweetLeaf Organic Stevia Sweetener on Facebook:

stevia sweetener

On the other hand, I would like to use some of these on baked goods.  I am planning to do it in a few days.  I will definitely post my creation here on Mommy’s Bright Bundles. 🙂


I received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms MeetSM blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

We Can Fight Malnutrition ( Momimhar posted on March 19th, 2014 )

Proper nutrition is very important especially to children.  This is to help them grow healthy and strong.  Without proper nutrition, kids will get weak immune system and resistance that lead to sickness.  There are millions of children around the world who suffer from malnutrition.  A few reasons are poverty, less resources of food, and lack of awareness on health.  Non-profit organizations are reaching out to countries to help fight malnutrition.  Programs that include healthy food awareness are implemented accordingly to encourage households to take part.

There are also non-profit organizations that engage in child sponsorship programs.  They help kids from the low income households to get sponsors to be able to assist them with school needs, nutrition, and wellness.  This is such a noble thing to do.  Helping the unfortunate children go to school and maintain healthy living is a great pledge.

On the other hand, the community should also engage in helping these kind of programs to succeed.  Cooperation between the lower government officials and the people in the communities can make these happen.  Livelihood projects for earning, good healthcare assistance, and nutrition awareness programs should be implemented with compassion so the children will benefit in many ways.  In this way, we will overcome hunger and malnutrition.


In our own household, we can help fight malnutrition by eating the right diet and getting rid of bad eating habits.  Foods from the food groups Go, Grow, and Glow foods should be present in each meal daily.  Like I said, this is very important to keep our kids and family healthy and strong.

Organizations Reaching Out To Needy Communities ( Momimhar posted on March 15th, 2014 )

I remember when I was a young girl, children in our neighborhood including me and my siblings gather in a small chapel every Saturday morning.  A group of grown ups come to see us and give us some food-yummy oatmeal, mixed vegetables, powdered milk, juice, bread, and the like.  They also meet with our parents and hold seminars about health, food sources, sanitation, and fitness.

My siblings and I loved all the food that was given to us.  We didn’t pay attention to what the grown ups were talking about because we were fully occupied by the thought of those delicious foods.  That was a very nice event held in our neighborhood that time.  We were looking forward to Saturday mornings.  But it didn’t last long though.  Whoever those people were, we were very thankful that they came.  Because they brought happiness to us kids and imparted awareness about proper nutrition to everybody in our neighborhood.  It was memorable for us.  It seemed to me that those people came to help and care for us.

It is great to know that there are groups or organizations who are helping needy communities especially the children.  I just hope that they continue doing the noble jobs in order to bring hope and inspiration to young children.

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