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Guess Who Is Going To College? ( Momimhar posted on May 4th, 2015 )

Two young family members graduated five weeks ago.  My niece and nephew,my younger sister’s kids, finished high school and elementary levels.  They both received the Most Behave award in their respective classes.  On the other hand, my other nephew (my brother’s son) received the Best Achiever award during the Recognition Ceremony at his school.  He will be in Third Grade this coming school year.

My niece IJ is entering college in June.  She is pretty much excited.  We are too.  Another member of the family is going to college.  Not so many kids can get a college education, you know.  That is why we are doing our best to help and assist our young ones with their needs in school.

I asked my sister if her daughter has something in mind what course to take in college.  She said my niece wants to take a Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) course.  Yet she said her husband wants IJ to take teaching.  IJ is not interested with that.  I told my sister to follow what her daughter’s interest.  If she finds HRM difficult, she can always switch courses.  But I believe that there is no difficult field as long as you have the interest to do it unless you do not have the financial support for it.  But we can always find a way to provide especially when we see our kids study hard.

And so, my two sisters accompanied my niece to the school for enrollment process.  She had her entrance examination, finished paper works, and got interviewed as well.  The three ladies went home happy for the enrollment’s done.  The next thing to do is buy school supplies and new uniforms for our students.

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