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Dogs Like Familiarity ( Momimhar posted on January 30th, 2016 )

Whether you’ve been a dog owner for a short time or for many years, you’ve probably noticed that your dog seems to have a built-in clock that lets them know when it’s feeding time, when it’s time for family members to come home and when other regular daily activities are to occur. They also seem to have a way of knowing whether the ride you offer them is going to be a fun adventure or something they’d rather not participate in. Using smell as their guide, they know if the walk from the car is going to lead to the vet, a dog-friendly cafe or some other familiar destination. By observing your dog, you will probably discover that familiarity is important to them.

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If your dog requires professional grooming and you take them to the same location each time, they will soon become familiar with the groomers and with the sounds and smells associated with the grooming facility. It can be helpful to your dog, if you select a facility that offers a variety of services such as grooming, boarding and daycare.


A trip to doggie day care michigan can be a fun experience for your dog. Finding a doggie day care facility that you are comfortable with involves visiting the facility, asking pertinent questions regarding staff qualifications, finding out about required pet vaccines and making a trial visit with your dog to determine how comfortable it is with other dogs. Day care visits should be a treat for your dog. It could be that you reserve day care visits for times when your dog would have to be alone for more than 8 hours. When the weather is not conducive for long walks, dog park adventures or outdoor playtime, a day at doggie daycare can provide your pet with an outlet for expending some energy.

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Following a routine at home is a good way to support your dog’s desire for consistency and familiarity. Being consistent with meal time and potty time is beneficial to your dog. Keeping its leash, toys, beds and other items in the same location also supports your dog’s desire for consistency. Your dog will look forward to riding opportunities once it realizes that something fun is going to happen. It’s also important that everyone in your home be consistent in enforcing the rules that apply to your dog.

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A Child-Friendly Learning Environment ( Momimhar posted on March 18th, 2013 )

My darling daughter is now 2 years old and in the toddler stage where she can be trained to be independent for a little while. I guess this is the preschool age. Moms like me who want to go back to work, think of enrolling their young kids to play school or daycare. I went to visit the site of the play school in our town and it seems like it would be interesting to tour around.

When my husband and I knew that we were expecting, he wanted me to stop working for a while so I could focus on my pregnancy and take care of the baby after delivery. And yes, I did it. I am very proud of myself that, despite the lack of sleep and baby blues, I am keeping my sanity. Hahaha! Kidding aside, being a parent requires hard work in order to have happy kids and keep the family in good harmony.


One part of the parents’ responsibilities involves providing our children the opportunity to get a high quality education. Starting at a very young age, preschoolers should be in a school where they get the learning they need. This will give them a head start. My husband and I has been talking about enrolling our darling daughter in preschool. But we agreed to wait until she is 4. I just brought it up to him because my cousin’s kid is in Connecticut day care. She said the facilities are very appealing and have a very child-friendly environment. There is a CT preschool close to her house. Now that her daughter is going there, she has more time for taking care of the house and being with her youngest child as well. We were talking about my plan of going back to work and she is excited for me, and I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I can find a place like CT daycare for my darling daughter.

Summer Day Care ( Momimhar posted on May 23rd, 2011 )

Because he is showing interest in going to school, my youngest nephew who is four years old (my brother’s son) is attending the Summer Day Care now.  He always brings paper and pencil whenever he visits my parents.  And my nephew keeps on telling them that he wants to go to school already.

The Day Care is few minutes away from their house.  My brother is renting-to-own a pedicab so he will just send/pick up my nephew to/from the class.  My little nephew is very excited about it.  He boasts the idea of going to Day Care to my parents.  I hope this will give him a good start of learning in preparation for the future school years.

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