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My Toddler Is Now Pre-K ( Momimhar posted on June 25th, 2013 )

How time flies so fast when you are having fun taking care of your home and your family.  As a stay-at-home mom and full time wife, my time and attention are completely focused on house works, errands, chores, and tending my family’s needs.  My darling daughter (DD) is 30 months old now.  As she grows everyday, she requires my attention more and more.  She is developing a very cute personality besides becoming very active.  Her speech is recognized by others as well.  She can express herself very clearly.  Terrible two’s has not really become a problem so far.  Whenever my husband and I tell her something she shouldn’t do, our little princess listens and understands.

And because my daughter is in Pre-K age, I am beginning to let her get familiar with Pre-K activities.  Actually, she began learning and recognizing the colors, shapes, numbers, and ABCs when she was 18 months old.  It’s so amazing how infants can absorb and learn quickly.  That is why parents play a big role in a child’s learning.  In this regard, I bought a few activity books for my darling Kaye that will keep her busy for a few minutes at home.  These activity books with tracing trails and broken lines, connect the dots, coloring objects, painting, counting, and letter fun truly interest her.

And oh, I forgot to mention that in a couple of weeks my darling daughter will start attending a class for Intro Ballet.  She’s getting pretty excited.  Awww, my two-year old girl is gonna be busy.

Encouraging Your Child Into Good Reading Habits ( Momimhar posted on January 18th, 2013 )

We parents should teach our children good reading habits.  Meaning, we should encourage them to be come a wide reader.  From simple ABCs to textbooks, kids should be taught about the value of reading.

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If a child learns how to read in an early age, like preschool age, he/she has the big advantage to learning fast in school.  Comprehension will be easy that will lead to becoming a smart kid.  That is why reading to your children when they are young is highly recommended.  One of the best ways to get your kids interested with books is to take them to the library at least once a week.  This way, they can can explore the library where tons of educational books can be borrowed.  A very good routine has to be followed at home to maintain the interest.

As for me, I learned that babies develop their hearing first in the mother’s womb.  So it’s recommended to read storybooks to the babies whenever moms get the chance.  It is really amazing how they already recognize the mother and the father’s voices.

I started taking my baby girl to the library when she was an infant.  There’s a public library in town where kids’ activity like Toddler Story Time really helps young children interact and get interested in reading books.  My daughter loves going to the Story Time at the library.  She always look forward to Fridays.

I  think that in everything we do, it takes a lot of patience especially when it comes to child’s learning.  And if we do it with love and care, we’ll raise a happy smart child.

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Nap Time Wins ( Momimhar posted on November 3rd, 2012 )

I got used to reading articles about babies and toddlers.  It amazes me how the milestones and developments take place in their everyday lives.  What a wonderful experience to see your child develop his or her cognitive, motor, speech, and social skills. We, parents, are always very proud of our children.  Of course, we also appreciate them for being good.

According to experts, as babies get into toddler stage, some of them retains the routine of taking naps during the day.  Some of them don’t because they refuse to do so.  They do not want to miss a thing each  day.  I guess my toddler is one of them. But there are days that she takes a nap.  I am trying to do my best to keep up with our daily routine.  She sleeps through the night 10-12 hours straight.  But I still want her to take advantage of getting at least 30 minutes nap during the day.  I don’t give her chocolate milk drink when it is nap time and after.

Well, if my daughter is really tired from playing and from an outdoor activity she still refuses to take a nap.  But on this photo, she gave up. 🙂  Nap time wins today!

So sleepy…gave up 🙂


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