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Working On Writing K’s Christmas List ( Momimhar posted on November 7th, 2015 )

K:  “We have to start writing my Christmas List, Mom.”

This was K told me while I was eating my supper last night.  She was watching Peppa Pig on television around 8:00 P.M. last night and a commercial of some children’s toys showed up which reminded her of the ones she wants for Christmas.  I like watching some kids’ shows and cartoons but what I dislike is too much commercials about toys and nonsense things.

K, who is turning 5 in the next few weeks, is actually interested more on her Christmas Wishlist than what she wants for her birthday.  In fact, she only wanted to go to Kid Mania in Plano.  It is a big play area and arcade games for kids.  The very first time we were there was on a birthday of one of my girl friend’s daughter two years ago.  K wants to go back there.  Okay, so I have to call Kid Mania about their party reservation and stuff.

Anyway, now K has a few things listed in her Christmas List.  I told her that there is no assurance that she will get all of them because Santa will consider what she wishes for the most.

How about your kid/kids?  Have they started writing down their Christmas Wishlists?

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Christmas Eve And Family Gathering Plus A Barbie Dream House Doll House ( Momimhar posted on December 25th, 2014 )

Candle-lighting in the church during the worship service.  Christmas Eve 2014

Candle-lighting in the church during the worship service. Christmas Eve 2014

Merry Christmas!  How was your day?  Ours was great.  Celebrating the Holidays at our folks’ place is always nice.  Lots of food and fun company.  The kids had a blast opening their Christmas presents last night.  And my darling daughter got something very nice.

But before all of that, we attended the worship service on Christmas Eve.  The kids, especially DD, paid attention and joined the singing during the service.  Like last year, all the children who were at the service were given a special memento.  It’s an ornament of different designs made with small white and gold beads.  My daughter was so happy.

When we got home after the worship service, we had a great Christmas Eve dinner.  As always, mom cooked delicious food.  The anxious girls and boys couldn’t wait to open their gifts. 🙂

"I wonder which ones are mine?"

“I wonder which ones are mine?” – K

Well, we didn’t let them wait too long so we went ahead with the opening presents.  Mom and Dad gave them a system in opening their gifts – from the youngest to the eldest grandchild.  Like I mentioned, Kaye received something special from her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  It was the biggest gift wrapped on the left.  It was a great Christmas Eve.

We helped daddy with the assembly. :)

We helped daddy with the assembly. 🙂

Kaye was very happy and excited about her new Barbie Dream House Dollhouse.  She wanted to play with it last night but my husband said we’ll assemble it at home and she can play with it when we get home.

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Presents From Santa :) ( Momimhar posted on December 26th, 2013 )

My Christmas gifts:  Flowers from DD and the electronics are from DH.  I love them all!

My Christmas gifts: Flowers from DD and the electronics are from DH. I love them all!

Well, I didn’t expect dear husband will give me a new laptop.  I guess it is time to replace the other one that my DD dropped recently.   Yes my friends.  You are right!  It’s time for replacement.  Thanks so much to the hubby for being so thoughtful and understanding always.  Now I will be very much careful with this one.  And a nice new Samsung digital camera is awesome.  This will surely help me take good pictures of my darling daughter, photos for blogs and for the items I have for sale online.  Awesome!

DD got a new bicycle with training wheels and a tent.  Dear husband and I set up the tent and the bike as soon as DD went to bed on Christmas Eve after opening her presents.  She didn’t noticed them when she woke up early in the morning yesterday and walked to our bedroom to snuggle with us (the usual).  It was 10:00 A.M. when she finally noticed her gifts from Santa.  She was very happy to see the bicycle.  What’s funny was DH asked where the tent came from.  DD answered in question, “From the pick up?”  I laughed because she thought I bought the tent from a garage sale online then I went and picked it up.

Anyway, besides the usual mess in the our living room with toys and stuff, the new ones were added to the clutters.  But it feels good too see our little girl enjoyed opening her gifts and playing with her toys and so proud that they came from the people who love her.  Of course, she  wanted more presents from Santa.  That’s what she said while we were saying our prayers last night. 🙂  Ah, 3-year-olds.

Elephant tent. So cute!

The elephant tent. So cute!

Her first Christmas stocking.

Her first Christmas stocking.

And then what we gave Santa as a Christmas present is a nice polo shirt from his favorite designer brand.  He liked it!  We made Santa happy too.  🙂

Lovely Christmas Presents :) ( Momimhar posted on December 25th, 2013 )

This is the very first time that our family spend Christmas in our home.  And this is the first time darling daughter will open presents from family, godparents, friends, and Santa.  She was very anxious since two weeks ago.

Last night, on Christmas Eve, she opened presents given to her by my girl friends.  DD was very happy to receive an iTikes (also can be used with iPad), art set, toys, and clothing especially outfits from her ninang Rose of Kids E-Connection.  My gift to DD was called the ‘secret’-a family fishing game.  I called it secret because I bought the item while we were shopping last week at a toy store.  She didn’t see it until we were getting in the car.  She saw the box in the shopping bag.  And then she asked me questions like what’s in the bag and stuff.  So I told her it’s a secret.  I wrapped the fishing game toy two days before Christmas Eve and she has been asking me if she can open the ‘secret’.  So funny.

But before dinner, a neighbor came over and brought us a basket of fruits with a greeting card.  It’s so sweet of them to come and wish us happy holidays.  I gave them a photo greeting card and wish them season’s greetings in return.


A fruit basket with a greeting card from the neighbor.

After eating a special dinner for Christmas or Noche Buena, opening presents came next.  DD and I were very happy with the gifts we received from Santa.  😉

This outfit is from godmother (ninang) Rose.

This outfit is from godmother (ninang) Rose.

A present from her godparents Al and June.

A present from her godparents Al and June.

How about you?  What did you get for Christmas?


Christmas Eve At Home ( Momimhar posted on December 23rd, 2013 )

Our little one was very excited and anxious to open her Christmas presents under the Christmas tree since I began wrapping gifts which is two weeks ago.  She kept on asking me and dear husband if she can open her gifts already.  We just told her to wait for Christmas Eve.  Good thing DD didn’t insist.

But this morning, after drinking her chocolate milk, she entered my bedroom and got very quiet in there.  I called her name and asked what she’s doing.  Then she came out looking so excited showing me the lady bug sticker which is in her stocking hung on daddy’s dresser.  So she was peeking in her Christmas stocking!  What a clever girl.

"I got a lady bug sticker.  See?"

“I got a lady bug sticker. See?”

So we just let her take the sticker.  That made her busy for the whole morning today.

Traditionally, in the Philippines, we prepare Noche Buena or Christmas dinner.  The whole family goes to church for mass on Christmas Eve.  Then everyone enjoys the Christmas dinner and opening gifts after that. It was only this morning when dear husband and I decided what to cook for our Noche Buena.  I made stir-fry noodles (pansit) and fried some country style pork shoulder.  We bought a champagne at Wal-Mart and he prepared a Mimosa for me.  🙂  And as you know, this will be the very first time we will spend Christmas at our home.

My Mimosa.  Cheers!  Happy Holidays!

My Mimosa. Cheers! Happy Holidays!

I thought of my cousin Emz and asked if it’s okay to come over to their place because I am bringing some pansit to her.  Gladly they’re already home from church.  Besides bringing food and Christmas gifts to them this Christmas Eve, we also went to wish them a Happy Christmas.  Our little girls want to play.  They went to Audrey’s room and start gathering a few toys out.  But we already told DD that we won’t stay long.  We just came over to wish cousins Merry Christmas.  Good thing she didn’t fuss.  The girls were so anxious about opening presents.

Presents for the Jones family are ready.

Presents for the Jones family are ready.

It was very cold outside but we’re not getting any snow for Christmas this year.  But Texas, somehow, gets it hopefully soon. 🙂 Have a Holly Jolly Christmas everyone!

How about you?  What’s your plan on Christmas Eve?

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