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Encourage Your Kids To Participate In Physical Development Programs ( Momimhar posted on October 8th, 2015 )

My darling daughter and I went to her tumbling, gymnastics, and cheer class this afternoon.  I was glad that I didn’t forget the schedule today because we missed the first day of classes last Thursday.  K was very excited to try this new skills and physical development for toddlers.  As much she loves jumping, K loves tumbling as well.  I noticed that she got bored in ballet class when she was 3 so I decided to let her try something else that I know she enjoys.

We arrived at the recreation center 10 minutes early but the in-charge let K inside the classroom.  The room is big and wide.  The props are ready and waiting for the kids to show up.  There were six children in the list but only three of them came including K.  The other one, though she was inside the room, didn’t join the activity.

The girls and their pom poms.

The girls and their pom poms.

It’s a 30-minute class which is good, I think, because toddlers get tired and bored easily.

The Wylie Recreation Center offers fitness and developmental classes for toddlers and young kids age 2-5.  Depending on the type of class, the monthly rates ranges from $25 to $125.  For members and Wylie residents, the rates are lower.  So if there are health and fitness programs for kids in your area, you can register may register your children.  I am sure they will have a great time.

Tips To Get Rid Of Common Colds ( Momimhar posted on June 4th, 2015 )

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C.

Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C.

My darling daughter K has the sniffles.  She actually ran a fever last Friday evening that made us miss the Bible Study.  The fever quickly occurred.  She was sneezing and feeling tired Friday afternoon and that night her body temperature rose suddenly.  I didn’t sleep very well because I was monitoring her temperature.  Gladly there’s a fever and pain reliever in our cabinet.  There was a birthday invitation the next day but we didn’t go because DD was not feeling well.

On Sunday, K was feeling a little lively so we were able to attend another birthday party held on that day.  The sky cleared up which is very nice because it was raining these past two weeks already.  It was sunny and breezy.  K had a wonderful time playing with her friends.

As a parent, we worry a lot when our children gets sick.  Common colds and cough cannot be avoided because we can catch them whether we like it or not.  To get rid of it and to keep it from getting worse, an effective cold medicine and home remedies should be taken.

Home Remedies

Honey Lemon Tea – Hot water, lemon juice, honey, tea (drink every night to sooth the throat and help loosen the mucus)

Orange Juice – Drink one cup of orange daily

Warm Bath – Take a quick warm bath before bedtime to feel fresh (except if running a fever)

Sponge Bath – If you are not feeling well to take a warm bath, a sponge bath will do.  Wet a hand towel with warm water and wipe all over the body.

In addition the above mentioned home remedies, eating more fruits, vegetables, drinking more water everyday, and plenty of rest can help get rid of sickness completely.


Cold and Cough – You can buy medicine for cough and colds over the counter.  Always follow the dosage on stated on the label.

Nasal Spray – Nasal sprays are great to sooth the nasal passages.  Nasal passages can get swollen from sneezing and blowing the nose.  Nasal sprays can help moisturize and sooth them.

As of today, my darling daughter is back to her active self.  Though there still coughing here and there but she is getting better and better.  She’s healthy so sickness doesn’t stay long.

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Time To Use The Humidifier ( Momimhar posted on November 15th, 2014 )



It’s Fall season.  Usually this time of year my daughter and I catches cough and colds.  The humidity is low this time of year.  Also, winter is just a few weeks ahead and we don’t want to get sick during the Holidays.  As of the moment, my darling daughter has the sniffles and cough.  The coughing is bad because it wakes her up at night.  We went to her pediatrician last week to ask what remedy she can recommend since the coughing is almost two weeks now.  She advised Mucinex Multi-symptom for kids 4 and 6 below years old.  So far, colds and the coughing are subsiding.  The medicine is taking effect.

We bought this Pro Care Humidifier last year.  I can say that it is working really well.  It blows invisible mist and the noise is not bothersome.  A full tank of water capacity lasts all day.  That means when I fully fill the tank at about nine o’clock in the evening, I am not filling it again until morning of the next day.  But I only turn the dial on the lowest setting.

In addition to the medicine, I give my daughter some warm lemonade with honey and lots of water.  She also drinks orange juice once a day.  I hope she gets well very soon.

Toddlers’ Unpredictable Appetite ( Momimhar posted on July 7th, 2014 )

When it comes to eating meals, some kids are very picky.  I think my darling daughter is one.  I just noticed recently that she doesn’t like eating some of the fruits and vegetables that were once her favorite when she was two years old.  I worried about it so much.  But my husband told me not to panic because there is a way to make it work.  He’s right.

It is very important that we have to monitor what our children eat.  Toddlers have a very unpredictable appetite.  If we give in to their wants such as sweets and other unhealthy food, we will be confronted by guilt and they will get into malnutrition.  So we have to be very consistent in feeding our beloved children with highly nutritious foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts.  Drinking pure fruit juices and water help with regulating the body as well.

good2grow-logoBecause my toddler is getting a little picky, I make sure that in every meal – breakfast, lunch, and supper – there are servings of fruits (strawberries and peaches are her favorites) and vegetables of any kind on the table.  When we go out of town, I pack lunch or snacks with her favorite juice.  She didn’t like apple juice before but I am very glad that Good 2 Grow apple juice is becoming her asked-for drink.  I always take a bottle or two of the Good 2 Grow drinks.

GTG with the Cinderella topper.

G2G with the Cinderella topper.

Besides easy grip, DD likes the taste of the juice.  The containers are made with attractive spill-proof toppers which DD likes also.  According to it’s package, Good 2 Grow juice products are made with real fruit juice.  I tried one and it tasted really good.  I just want to see more of the nutritional facts in the packaging.

good2grow-product-shotWhat do you think about it? Is this a fruit drink that your child want to try?  Better grab the opportunity to be able to get a chance to get free coupons on Good 2 Grow fruit juices and vegetable blend juices.  Simply go to to stitch a story about your child’s Good 2 Grow experience.  While you’re there, enter for a chance to win $5000 scholarship for your child and free coupons.  Wait, there’s more!  Enter here for a chance to win a themed birthday party plus a $500.  I joined and I hope you will, too.

Good To Grow apple punch

Good To Grow apple punch


I    received    this    product    for    free    from    the    sponsor    of    the    Moms    MeetSM    program,    May    Media    Group    LLC,    who    received    it    directly    from    the    manufacturer.    As    a    Moms    MeetsSM    blogger,    I    agreed    to    use    this    product    and    post    my    opinion    on    my    blog.    My    opinions    do    not    necessarily    reflect    the    opinions    of    May    Media    Group    LLC    or    the    manufacturer    of    the    product.   

Second Appointment With The Pedia Dentist ( Momimhar posted on October 13th, 2013 )

DD’s second visit to the dentist went well.  She was very behaved and quite excited to see the dentist and have her teeth cleaned.  A very curious little girl, her questions were never ending.  In the waiting room, she was just playing with the kids toys quietly-asking me questions once in a while.  She did not mess up the toys either.  When the staff called her name, she immediately stood and walked right into the patients’ room.

I was informed by the pediatric dentist ahead of time that cleaning of teeth will be done on the second visit.  I wasn’t able to schedule DD’s first visit to the dentist until she was 2.  I think she already has the understanding why she has to have her teeth checked and cleaned.  Well, actually, she is also looking forward to the goodies she will be getting after the check-up.  She is excited to get a new toothbrush and toys.


She’s very cooperative.


The moment she’s waiting for…getting the goodies.

It is very important that young kids know how to take care of their teeth to prevent tooth decay.  Proper tooth brushing and flossing should be taught.  With toddlers, adult supervision is advised.  Soft bristles on toothbrush and flouride-free toothpaste is recommended under 3 years of age.  I am very keen on age-appropriate toothbrush for my little one.


So eager to learn to brush her teeth.

After the dentist appointment, we had lunch at Chic-Fila.  The fast food restaurant has an indoor play area and I let DD play there for an hour and then we head home.

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