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Fun Birthday Party at Build-A-Bear Workshop #buildaparty ( Momimhar posted on November 5th, 2016 )

Blowing the pretend candle on a pretend cupcake. :)

Blowing the pretend candle on a pretend cupcake. ūüôā


Waiting in line to have their free Teddy Bear stuffed.

Waiting in line to have their free Teddy Bear stuffed.

Playing a party game.

Playing a party game.

Photo booth

Photo booth

We all had a great time celebrating cousin A’s 6th birthday party held at Build-A-Bear Workshop at Firewheel Shopping Complex in Garland (TX). ¬†My darling daughter said she had a lot of fun. ¬†Every child guest received a free stuffed bear plus a free t-shirt and bows to wear. ¬†They even have names for their new stuffed bears. ¬†K named her bear Richu. ¬†Awesome.

Happy birthday, A.  Thanks for inviting us.  It was a happy day! 


Special thanks to our wonderful friend, Mel M. for taking these lovely photos of the children.  Love lots!

Little Girls Birthday Decoration Inspiration DIY by A Friend ( Momimhar posted on October 8th, 2016 )

Kyana's birthday cake.

Kyana’s birthday cake.

A friend of mine has two adorable daughters.  The youngest just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago.  Kyana had a simple yet a very cute party.  Her mom did all the birthday party decorations.  How awesome.  The cake was nicely decorated, too.  What a talented mother Kyana has.

Do-it-yourself or DIY birthday party decor can save you a lot of money.  If you are very creative, you can make your own party decorations from extra scrapbook supplies or unused paper goods in your home.  All we have to add to the creativity is a lot of motivation and diligence to do it.  There are so many DIY inspiration and resources on the Internet.  The moment you find the perfect decor inspiration, the urge will come after.  And you do not have to buy party decor every time.

Popping the Balloons Game

Popping the Balloons Game

My darling daughter enjoyed at the party as well. ¬†My friend prepared kids’ party games for the young guests. ¬†K’s favorite was Popping the Balloons. ¬†What’s funny was, the kids had to pick a certain colored balloon to pop yet they can pick whichever pretty much. ¬†The game took a little while to finish. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Everybody got a prize though.

The cake and the food was delicious. ¬†Everyone had a wonderful time at Kyana’s 1st birthday party.


Photo garland

Double Birthday Celebration Was A Blast ( Momimhar posted on March 5th, 2016 )

It was a very fun evening I had few weeks ago. ¬†My best friend NJ and I had a double birthday celebration at her house in Forth Worth. ¬†I am still cannot find the words how enchanted I was of how beautifully the party was planned and put together very successfully. ¬†We both had not idea how the party would be like because there was no tiny hint. ¬†Not one little bit. ¬†Our dear friends were very good in hiding clues. ¬†Would you believe that they did a Casino Themed Birthday Party? NJ and I like going to the casinos. ūüėÄ ¬†We don’t do it very often but we enjoy going.

NJ and me. Birthday banner.

NJ and me. Birthday banner.

Anyway, it’s my 40th birthday and I can say that this was it was a big celebration to date. ¬†NJ is in her late 20s already. ¬†The last time we celebrated our birthday together was in 2009 when we were neighbors in Fort Worth. We went Downtown and had fun at the disco and karaoke at City Streets (now closed). Those were good times, I tell ya.

Lots of food. Yum.

Lots of food. Yum.

The party that night¬†was a blast. ¬†The decorations were amazing and the food was abundant. ¬†Thanks to the guests who brought delicious American and Filipino foods. ¬†In addition, NJ’s hubby and friends had set up a red carpet and casino. ¬†NJ and I had a wonderful night on our birthday party. ¬†They were very thoughtful with donating to my feeding program next month. ¬†NJ, her sister, my daughter, and I are flying together to the Philippines for a vacation this month. ¬†And one of the things in my agenda was having a small Thanksgiving feast for the children in my neighborhood. ¬†I am excited about it. ¬†It won’t be long and we will be in the Philippines.

Our birthday cake.

Our birthday cake.

My best friend NJ and me.

My best friend NJ and me.  I love you dear.

There’s a lot of stuff went on at the party that evening – karaoke, disco, and games. ¬†Oh how fun. ¬†Thanks to our wonderful friends who made our birthday party celebration very successful and amazing.

Helpful Tips to Make A Themed Birthday Party for Adults Successful ( Momimhar posted on March 1st, 2016 )

Birthday Theme

It is very important to set and decide for a theme ahead of time. ¬†This is because some of the resources can be difficult to obtain or it takes a while to gather. ¬†For example, if your loved one or a dear friend is going to celebrate her 50th birthday, it’s obvious that it’s a golden theme. ¬†So birthday party decor should be coordinating with gold color. ¬†Centerpieces should have gold beads in bowls or gold banners on the wall. ¬†This huge milestone is also associated with black color because of what they say “over the hill”. ¬†That is why my friend’s party had a few black-colored decorations, too.

Venue and Set-up

Surely an event like this is big and there will be many guests.  If you are planning to invite 30 guests, chances are you will be accommodating perhaps more or less 50 people.  So you will be needing a big space to hold the party.  Community centers are available for rent in your town.  Tables, chairs, and even kitchen area are available to use.  If you are a resident, the charge is lesser that to those who are not.  But be aware of how long you are holding the party.  Allow an extra hour before and after for cleaning and setting up.


The food to serve depends on what time of the day the party would be. ¬†If your party is at 3:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M., make sure that you serve food for dinner. ¬†Familiarize yourself on your guests’ meal preferences. ¬†Drinks should be accessible as well. ¬†Bottled water and canned drinks¬†are convenient. ¬†Be sure to have trash bags available for grabs for those recyclable stuff. ¬†If you plan to have alcoholic drinks served after 5:00 P.M., have someone in-charge.


Of course, a birthday party is not complete without a specially made cake. ¬†It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. ¬†Designed accordingly to the theme and a little personalized will do.


If you plan to have:

Karaoke – You can ask your friends if they have a karaoke machine or equipment or sound system that they can let you borrow. ¬†But of course, they are the ones to operate since it’s their property.

Disco РYou can also do indoor disco. With the technology nowadays, you can hook a music app from your phone to a sound system for a disco at parties.  And to make the disco more appealing, you can add a rotating disco light.  You can buy this item for cheap.

RA’s 50th Birthday Party And Fund Raising ( Momimhar posted on February 28th, 2016 )

50th birthday cake

RA’s 50th birthday cake.

One of my mommy friends, RA, celebrated her big 50th birthday last night. ¬†And look at her cake. ¬†Isn’t it pretty? ¬†The theme of her party was gold so most of us were in something gold outfits. ¬†I put on a peach-colored sweater with gold shimmers on it.

Yours truly.

Yours truly – mgmhar.

It was a happy evening with friends. ¬†I was glad to see some of them whom I haven’t seen in a long time. ¬†With the help of our common close friends, RA’s¬†party was a success. ¬†There were lots of American food, Filipino food, drinks, and special desserts. ¬†After eating and socializing, the karaoke started.

There are great singers in my circle of friends.  One of them is my friend and neighbor RJ, who was a former lead singer in a band.  She and her band worked in Korea for a few years until she met her beloved husband and moved here in the US five years ago.  While the birthday celebrant was busy entertaining, me and some of the female guests joined the karaoke then dancing afterwards.

As a part of RA’s birthday celebration, she hosted a raffle drawing for a Michael Kors handbag. ¬†This is in connection to her fund raising for her feeding program in her hometown in Samar Province in the Philippines. ¬†She is going home for a vacation in April and plan to feed more or less 500 children in her hometown.

Here is the handbag:

Michael Kors Hamilton Black Handbag

Michael Kors Hamilton Black Handbag

And who’s the lucky winner?

AJ is winner!  Congratulations!!!

AJ is winner! Congratulations!!!

We had so much fun.  It was a successful birthday party.  And I am very certain that RA had a wonderful time, too.

Happy birthday, Ate RA!

Happy birthday, Ate RA!


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